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2011 Creative Writing & Arts winners named

Published or Revised April 22, 2011

Student awards and scholarships were presented at the 36th annual Creative Writing and Arts ceremonies held Wednesday at Paris Junior College. The awards were begun in 1976 to encourage and recognize student writing and later broadened to include art. Marsha Dennis, PJC English instructor, opened the ceremonies.

Paris Junior College President Dr. Pamela Anglin welcomed the students, friends and family members. “Spring is always an exciting time at PJC when we get to recognize the many talents of our students,” she said. “Our students are why we are here.”

English instructor Rhonda Armstrong presented Bryan Parham of Arthur City as the Outstanding Student in English. Armstrong then named Simbarashe Mazambani of Garland as the Outstanding Student in English as a Second Language.

Jordan Rhodes of Honey Grove was awarded the Outstanding Student in Foreign Language by Spanish instructor Kelli Ebel.

Sharon Dennehy, journalism instructor and The Bat student newspaper advisor, presented The Paris News Journalism Scholarship to Christina Gunlock of Bonham, who was co-editor of The Bat. Gunlock and Quentin Carpenter of Quinlan, also The Bat co-editor, were named Journalism Students of the Year.

Philip Briggs, vocal music instructor, directed the PJC Chorale in presenting a selection of poetry set to music. The group performed “The Road Not Taken”, and “Choose Something Like a Star” by American Composer Randall Thompson using the words of Robert Frost. Following the music selections, Gloria Cooper of Paris was named Music Student of the Year by Briggs and Jenny Vaughan, instrumental instructor.

Creighton Newfarmer of Hugo, Okla., was awarded the Rebecca Fitch Award as the Outstanding Freshman Art Student, along with a scholarship. The award was presented by Susan Moore, art instructor.

“Swingers of Birches,” an anthology of the prize-winning entries published by the Communications and Fine Arts Division and produced by the PJC Print Shop, was distributed at the reception following the awards ceremony. To receive a copy, contact the English Department.

An exhibit of winning art works is on display in the lobby of the JR McLemore Student Center on the college campus through the end of April. Viewing hours are Monday through Thursday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Friday, 8 a.m. to noon.

Winners by category include:

Argumentative and informative essay: first, Aiming Education, Elizabeth Flick, Chisum High School, Blossom; second, The Epidemic and You, Anne Scarmado, Paris campus, Paris; third, Preconceived Preference, Katrina Crawford, Paris campus, Paris; 4th, Critical Thinking: Teach Me. Don’t Test Me!, Ross Rutherford, Honey Grove High School, Honey Grove. Honorable Mention: Douglas Adams: Worshiped by Geeks Like Me, Nicholas Zamir, Paris campus, Paris.

Narrative essay: first, My Sweet Apache, Shirley Perkins, Paris campus, Paris; second, A Vision of the Mighty Storm, David Dannhelm, Paris campus, Paris; third, A Place to Call Home, Elizabeth Flick; 4th, Leaving Home, Connie Ball, Paris campus, Paris. Honorable Mention: More Than a Wedding Ring, Anne Scamardo, Where My Spirit Lies, Adriana Sanchez, North Hopkins High School, Sulphur Springs.

Poetry: first, The Perfect Portrait, Adriana Sanchez, second, Behind the Screen: A Catholic Confession, Danielle Baird, Paris campus, Paris; third, Realization of Self Worth, Margaret O’Connor, Paris campus, Paris; 4th, I Am Yesterday, Hettie Marie Gilbreath, Paris campus, Deport. Honorable Mention: My Colossal Lion, Laiken Gammill, North Hopkins High School, Sulphur Springs; Deep Inside, Ross Rutherford, Honey Grove High School, Honey Grove.

Regional literature: first, This Paris in the Spring, Shirley Perkins, Paris campus, Paris; second, The Town That Has a Hell of a Time, Nicholas Zamir, Paris campus, Paris; third, Leaving Home, Connie Ball; 4th, Year 2045, John Lewis, Paris High School, Paris.

Research essay with documentation: first, Heart of Darkness, Ellen Temple, Paris High School, Paris; Into the Heart of Darkness, Houston Scott, Paris High School, Paris; Heart of Darkness: A Psychoanalytical Perspective, Jadielle Ray; Reader Response: Criticism and Its Application in Heart of Darkness, Paris High School, Paris; Zachary Branch, Paris High School. Sumner. Honorable Mention: Heart of Darkness: Deconstruction, Kaitlin Lehenbauer, Paris High School, Paris; Psychoanalytical Criticism of Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, Will Henderson, Paris High School, Paris.

Short story: first, One Night, Elizabeth Flick; second, The Garden of Eden, Jadielle Ray; third, Sweet Ice Tea, Kolbie Carlow, Paris campus, Pattonville; 4th, Transformation, Zachary Branch. Honorable Mention: Journey into the Enemy, John Lewis, Paris High School, Paris; Vacant Sky, Sabrina Tan, Paris High School, Paris.

Winners in the art categories include:

Painting: first, High Tech Low Tech, oil, diptych, Patricia Browning, Paris; second, Copper Kettle, oil, Patricia Browning; third, Pineapple, oil, palette knife method, Brian Valentin, Paris.

Drawing I & II: first, Still Life with Apples, pastel, Creighton Newfarmer (cover art); second, Model Seated, charcoal, Candra Wyatt, Paris; third, Model Standing, conte crayon, Fancy Woods. Honorable Mention: Abstracted Human Form, charcoal, Candra Wyatt; Model, graphite, Candra Wyatt.

Photography- Black and White: first, Portrait, Brian Valentin; second, The Grand, Chris Crouch; third, Great Hunter, Brian Valentin. Honorable Mention: Natural Design, Chris Crouch.

Beginning Photography: first, Water Lilies, Shirley Perkins; second, Vigilance, Brian Valentin; third, Cathedral, Cara Walker, Paris. Honorable Mention: Seating, Christine Gunlock; second, Teach Your Children, Shirley Perkins; Foal, Christina Gunlock; Dogwood, Michael Thacker, Paris; Escape, Tasha Teague, Paris, Rain Drop Flowers, Janice Gentry, Paris; Rose, Lori Thiessen, Honey Grove.

Advanced Photography: first, Cowboy Dusk, Kenda Burgett, Rattan; second, Paper Wasp, Sandra Taylor, Paris; third, Hangin’ On, Sandra Taylor.

3-D Design: first, Modular Project, Incense & Wire, Fancy Woods, Paris; second, Flying Dinosaur, Gestural Line Project, Creighton Newfarmer; 3d, Line, Plane, Form, Cardboard and Paint, Kaylon Merrell, Powderly. Honorable Mention: Modular Project, Tongue Depressors, Chris Crouch; Flying Monkey, Gestural Line Project, Fancy Woods

2-D Design: first, Initial Design, Illustrator, Creighton Newfarmer; second, 4th Grade Class Project, Ilustrator, Chris Crough, Paris; third, Imaginary Beast, texture project, Illustrator, Creighton Newfarmer.

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