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33rd annual Creative Awards winners announced

Published or Revised April 09, 2009

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Student awards and scholarships were presented at the 33rd annual Creative Awards ceremonies held Wednesday at Paris Junior College. The awards were begun in 1976 to encourage and recognize student writing and later broadened to include art.

Program speaker was Dwight Chaney, dean of academics. Chaney reviewed the lives of William A. Owens and Rebecca Fitch. Owens was an area resident who attended Paris Junior College and went on to become a renowned writer and author. Fitch taught English and art classes at Paris Junior College. Both Owens and Fitch had a special way of inspiring their students.

“I am proud of the long tradition for promoting creativity at Paris Junior College that included Owens and Fitch and their colleagues,” said Chaney.

Highlighting the event was the presentation of the William A. Owens Scholarship for creative writing to Stephanie Norman of Paris. Norman, who currently serves as co-editor of The Bat, the student newspaper, also was named the Journalism Student of the Year.

Robin Wheat of Cumby received the Outstanding Student in English.

Justin Duane Hughes of Powderly was awarded the Outstanding Student in Foreign Language.

The Outstanding Student in English as a Second Language award was given to Jeanett Draeger Money of Sulphur Springs.

Mike Graxiola, publisher of The Paris News, presented The Paris News Journalism Scholarship to Marta Goerte of Telephone. Goerte serves as co-editor of The Bat.

The Best of Show Award for visual arts was won by Anita Donaldson of Paris, for “Digital Landscape.” The Outstanding Freshman Visual Arts Scholarship was presented to Josh Clark of Paris. Returning student Michael Saludares of Reno was given a special visual arts award.

Swingers of Birches, an anthology of the prize-winning entries published annually by the Communications and Fine Arts Divisions and produced by the PJC Print Shop, was distributed at the reception following the awards ceremony. To receive a copy, contact the English Department.

An exhibit of winning art works is on display in the lobby of the J.R. McLemore Student Center on the college campus through the end of April. An additional student art exhibit is in the foyer gallery of the Art Building located in annex #3. Viewing hours for both exhibits are Monday through Thursday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Friday, 8 a.m. to noon.

Winners by category include:

Argumentative and informative essay: 1st place, Robin Wheat, Cumby, “Education Transformation”; 2nd place, Ashley Shew, Paris, “The Nasher’s Lewis and Clark: Borofsky and Gormley Explore the Terrain of the Human Relationship to Possibility”; 3rd place, Dace Downs, Paris, “Stem Cell Research”; and 4th place, Nathan Jordan, Paris, “Sports Controversy”. Honorable mentions: Michael Clifford, “Winter Morning” and Jason Anthony Mastino, Roxton, ” Struggling for Meaning of Loneliness in Frost’s ‘Desert Places’”.

Narrative essay: 1st place, Callie Leach, “My Personal Place”; 2nd place, Drew Sanders, Paris, “The Best Week of My Life”; 3rd place, Kadee Melton, Sulphur Springs, “Lead by Being Involved” and 4th place, Monica Velasquez, Blossom, “The Rivers of Life”. Honorable mentions: Ashley Shew, Paris, “And I Laughed” and Stephanie Norman, Paris, “Positive, Neutral and Negative”.

Poetry: 1st place, Heather Blank, Paris, “Pumpkin”; 2nd place, Jason Anthony Mastino, Roxton, “Grief on a Popsicle Stick”; 3rd place, Dace Downs, Paris, “The Somber Slumber” and 4th place, Darrin Higgins, Paris, “My Child”. Honorable mentions: Stephanie Norman, Paris, “All Gone” and Rowdy Peacock, Paris, “Name in the Bark”.

Regional literature: 1st place, Drew Sanders, Paris, “Endless Beauty”; 2nd place, Dace Downs, Paris, “Drowsy Daydream”; 3rd place, Jessica Miller, Paris, “The Dock” and 4th place, Lynsey Boss, Paris, “Beach of Dreams. Honorable mentions: Ashley Russell, Paris, “Wetlands” and Cassandra Finley, Paris, “My Grandparents’ House”

Research essay with documentation: 1st place, Cortney Battle, Paris, “Charles Dickens”; 2nd place, Kayla Williams, Sulphur Springs, “Uniforms Benefit Schools”; 3rd place, Dace Downs, “Stem Cell Research” and 4th place, Harper Hunt, Paris, “One Writing, Multiple Meanings”. Honorable mention: Jaclyn Gold, Sulphur Springs, “Apology Effects”.

Short story: 1st place, Ashley Shew, Paris, “The Negative Effects of Speaking Out, or How I Learned to Hate Coaches”; 2nd place, Jordan Welch, Paris, “Scarred Beauty”; 3rd place, Harper E. Hunt, Paris, “The Red Letter” and 4th place, Alvaro Aguilar, Sulphur Springs, “The Valedictorian”. Honorable mentions: Jason Anthony Mastino, Roxton, ” A Soldier’s Lament” and Chae Caldwell, Paris, “Drills”.

Painting: 1st place, Michael Saludares, Figure Study, Oil on Paper; 2nd place, Laurie Edwards, Monotone Figure Study, Oil, 3rd place, Michael Saludares, Self Portrait, Oil. Honorable mention: Laurie Edwards, Self Portrait, Oil, Michael Saludares, Untitled Oil on Canvas.

Drawing: 1st place, Michael Saludares, Multiple-Figure Study, Charcoal on Paper; 2nd place, Kevin Eubanks, Figure Study, Graphite and 3rd place, Josh Clark, Drapery Study, Graphite. Honorable mentions: Kaylee Barrett, Figure Study, Graphite and Michael Saludares, Multiple-Figure Study, Charcoal.

Photography: 1st place, Cole Kelley, “Jesse Berry Swinging”; 2nd place, Jennifer Cook, “Rolling in the Mud” and 3rd place, JaLeah Fox, “Feeding Frenzy”. Honorable mentions: Ranier Hunt, “3-D Glasses”; Katelyn Parson, “Texas Sky”, Jennifer Cook, “Red Door”; Lawrence Love, “Bannisters”; Anita Donaldson, “Us” and Barrillon Daugherty “Swanzly Shadows”

3-D Design: 1st place, Josh Clark, “The Opera House”, Study of Space, cardboard and paint; 2nd place, Alicia Edwards, “Hypnotic”, [motorized] Modules, wood, metal and 3rd place, Audrina Lakes, “Flight of the Bee”, Movement, colored rubber bands. Honorable mentions: Alicia Edwards, “Black Swirls”, Study of Form, cardboard and paint; Audrina Lakes, “Up”, Study of Form, cardboard and paint and Alicia Edwards, “Lift Off”, Study of Form, cardboard and paint.

2-D Design: 1st place, Anita Donaldson, Digital Landscape; 2nd place, Barrillon Dougherty, Digital Design and 3rd place, Samantha Dye, Digital Self-Portrait. Honorable mention: Alicia Edwards, 4th Grade Class Design, Ink on Paper.

Ceramics: 1st place, Amy Dalton, Sushi and Saki Set; 2nd place, Sue Smith, Bowl and 3rd place, Paige McKinley, Salter, Dish.

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