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Information About Transferring

Published or Revised October 11, 2011

Transferring to a four-year college or university is a goal of many PJC students. The Counseling/Advising Center offers services and information for students planning to transfer. Many transfer resources are provided such as college and university catalogs, course equivalency guides, the Texas University Common Application, and various reference books and brochures.

Successful transferring requires careful planning that should begin as soon as possible in your college experience.

Steps to a Successful Transfer

Begin planning early: The best time to begin planning for a transfer is early in your first semester and before you select your courses for the second semester. Counselors and academic advisors are trained to help you make the right decisions about the transferability of courses.

Choose a career direction and make a transfer plan: Before you can settle on a major or a transfer institution, you need to know your career direction. If you have not decided on a career or major, begin the career exploration process with a counselor as soon as possible.

Gather information about four-year colleges and universities: The first step is to locate the institution that has the major available that you have selected. Current college tuition rates and other expenses make cost an important consideration when choosing a transfer college. Also, examine carefully such things as location, housing, and available college services.

Applying for a Texas college: Students can obtain a wealth of information about applying for public colleges in Texas at Students may obtain a Texas Common Application at this site.

Investigate transfer opportunities for workforce/technical majors: The Bachelor of Applied Science (BAAS), Bachelor of Applied Technology (BAT) and the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) are some bachelor degree programs in Texas into which the AAS degree, certificate and/or workforce courses may transfer.

Consider the advantages of graduating from PJC before transferring: The advantage of completing a degree at PJC will mean a degree in hand in the event that life situations delay your progress toward the completion of your bachelor’s degree. Also, you will spend your freshman and sophomore years in smaller classes with a teaching oriented faculty and have the advantage of many student services to assist you with academic success. In addition, you will be paying a lower tuition rate.

Obtain, complete and submit applications and documents: Prospective students may contact a four-year college’s admission office to obtain an application, other pertinent information and a college catalog or go to their web site which will usually provide all this information. Most universities charge an admission fee.

Follow up: A transfer application may take up from four to eight weeks to process. If you have not heard from the college by this time, you may contact the admission office to inquire about your application status.

Transferring credits in and out

PJC may grant credit for courses already completed at other institutions if the coursework was completed at an accredited institution and at least a grade of D was earned.

Articulation agreements

Paris Junior College has created partnerships with four-year institutions and has developed articulation agreements that match courses between the schools. The articulation agreements are designed to help students make a smooth transition when transferring from PJC to a four-year institution.

Transfer scholarship information

Students are encouraged to explore resources available in all the college libraries as well as the Counseling Center regarding scholarship information. Students searching for financial assistance on the internet may want to try several search engines and type in the words of a particular major area such as agriculture scholarships, business scholarships, or education scholarships. When investigating any internet or printed resource for scholarships, you should consider only those that are free. Never pay to find money. Also, do not use sources that ask for personal information such as your credit card number and home address.

Enhancing chances of receiving a transfer scholarship

Scholarships are usually awarded on the basis of academic, athletic or artistic merit. Students who have demonstrated academic excellence and leadership abilities at the community college are often awarded scholarships at the four-year institution. Maintaining a high GPA is critical to obtaining a scholarship. Also, community college students should get involved in activities such as Phi Theta Kappa because many four year institutions grant scholarships solely based on membership in this organization. Leadership positions in PTK often garner higher scholarships. Students should also seek worthwhile volunteer work which would enhance their scholarships opportunities.

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