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Ballroom Dancing: Rock & Roll

Published or Revised May 16, 2014

“Rock and Roll,” AKA Jitterbug, East Coast Swing, or Jive, is the most famous American Folk Dance. It has its origin in the 1930s and is a descendant of the Lindy Hop, named for Charles Lindberg’s hop across the ocean. It’s a fast spot dance that does not move around the dance floor. It is a great social dance that can be danced to the ‘50s music of Bill Haley as well as the modern day music of Michael Buble. This rambunctious dance has a lot of freedom of movement and can be danced at nightclubs, weddings, on cruises – just about anywhere. There will be no aerials, but we will learn the basic steps so you feel comfortable on the dance floor.

» Dates to be announced.

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