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Certification In Bench Technician

Published or Revised September 15, 2012

Bench Technician students at PJC’s Texas Institute of Jewelry Technology spend two intense semesters training in the most modern techniques of jewelry repair. Students can finish the course with two certificates, one from TIJT, and upon passing the Jewelers of America exam, JA's Bench Jeweler Technician certificate.

In a world of specialization where technicians often know and perform only one task such as stone setting or polishing, TIJT's Bench Technician course is comprehensive.

Many of the students in this program will go to work for stores doing general jewelry work, assembly and repairs because they are prepared with well-rounded knowledge.

Some students find Bench Technician attractive because certification can be completed in two semesters.

The program consists of learning the techniques of fabrication, repair and stone-setting.

All work is hands-on with the opportunity to work in gold, platinum or silver. Students perform tasks multiple times, familiarizing themselves with the process, equipment and materials.

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