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Business Office

Published or Revised February 28, 2017

The PJC Business Office is located in the Administration Building on the Paris Campus, Room 136, and this is where students go to pay for their classes, housing and meal plans.

Paying for Classes

Payment is due upon registration, and students may pay in any of the following ways:

Important Dates

Stay abreast of important dates by referring to the printed class schedule or visiting our Online Calendar of Events.

Refund Schedule

2016 Winter Mini-Term

Spring Semester 2017

Flex 12-Week

First Spring Flex 8-Week (I)

Second Spring Flex 8-Week (II)

All refunds will be mailed.

Financial Aid Disbursement Dates

Disbursement dates of financial aid can be found in the Student Handbook/Calendar and on our Online Calendar of Events.

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