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Core Curriculum: Associate of Science/Arts

Published or Revised September 06, 2013

Paris Junior College adheres to various policies that are designed to make transfer easy, such as a state-honored block core curriculum, a statewide Guarantee for Transfer program, and participation in the Texas Common Course Numbering System.

The Texas Education Code, as a result of Senate Bill 148, requires all public colleges and universities to have a core curriculum. Core curriculum is defined as “the curriculum in the liberal arts, humanities, sciences, and political, social, and cultural history that all undergraduate students of a particular Texas institution of higher education are required to complete before receiving an associate or bachelor’s degree.”

Every public institution in Texas has a Core, which is designed to provide a solid foundation for your college education and to make transfers between and among Texas institutions of higher education as smooth and seamless as possible.

At the Web site of the Texas General Education Web Center ( the General Education Core Curricula from institutions across the state of Texas, including Paris Junior College, have been gleaned from Web sites or the most recent catalog available and matched against information collected by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board staff.

Since core curricula are reviewed periodically, resulting in courses being added or deleted, not all of these curricula can ever be absolutely current. An individual student may look at the course category listings of a particular institution and/or compare with other institutions.

The purpose of the block core curriculum is to provide the skills, knowledge, and perspectives that help define the educated person. The courses included in the core curriculum will contribute to the acquisition of these skills perspectives and to a basic core of knowledge.

The core curriculum is predicated on a series of basic intellectual competencies — reading, writing, speaking, listening, critical thinking, and computer literacy — that are essential to the learning process in any discipline. Although students can be expected to come to college with some experience in exercising these competencies, they often need further instruction and practice to meet college standards and, later, to succeed in both their major field of academic study and their chosen career or profession.

PJC will designate core curriculum courses completed by a student on the official PJC transcript. If a student satisfies all component areas, the message “Core Curriculum Completed” will appear on the transcript.

Students should visit with an academic advisor to ensure that they take the correct courses for their Associate of Arts or Associate of Sciences degree program at PJC in addition to the major for their chosen transfer college or university.

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