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Macbeth opens Thursday at PJC

Published or Revised February 25, 2014

Macbeth play photo

Starring in the Paris Junior College production of Macbeth are the three Weird Sisters, who manipulate Macbeth’s downfall. From left are Kaytlyn Sims, Lisa Martin and Gwen Steinecke. The play opens Thursday at 7 p.m. in the Ray Karrer Theater.

William Shakespeare’s tale of greed, witchcraft and murder, Macbeth, opens Thursday night at Paris Junior College. Performances will be at 7:00 p.m. Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and Sunday at 2 p.m. in the Ray Karrer Theater, Feb. 27-March 2.

According to PJC drama instructor and play director William Walker, the show is based on the power of three. There are three sisters, three murders and three titles – Thane of Cawdor, Thane of Glamis, and king. In keeping with the original folio, the Hecate scene added after Shakespeare’s death was removed.

“In this production, the sisters are on stage the entire show,” said Walker. “They’re the manipulators. With this production we’re pushing the mysticism and magic, addressing the big question ‘if you could know your future would you want to know it?’ Macbeth doesn’t have that choice of knowing.”

In the story, though Macbeth is originally content to wait to become king. Lady Macbeth puts evil in motion by wanting to be queen immediately.

“The more we talk of it and rehearse, the more the students latch on and like the story,” Walker said. “Everyone in this play has an ulterior motive. Back in this gothic period, everyone was out for his or her own good. Whatever they could do to improve their situation they would do it. Once I told the students there were no good guys in this play, they took that and ran with it. No one trusts anyone. The kids are having a blast and the community members are having a great time working with everybody. “

Shakespeare’s play is set in Scotland and dramatizes the corroding psychological and political effects produced when its protagonist, the Scottish lord Macbeth, chooses evil to fulfill his ambition for power, eventually plunging the country into civil war. In the end, he loses everything that gives meaning and purpose to his life before losing life itself.

Cast List

Duncan, King of Scotland: Tim Wood; Malcolm: Cody Rice; Donalbain: Dalton Smith; Macbeth: Riley Collard; Banquo: Austen Naron; Macduff: JJ Freelen; Lennox: Josh Maxwell; Ross: Juan Espinosa; Mentieth: Derek Dacus; Angus: Caleb Curtis; Fleance: Haley Hines; Siward: Bradley Allen; Young Siward: Cade White; Seton: Mike Risinger; Macduff’s Son: JJ Shurbet; The Doctor: Colin Bridgers; Sergeant: Derek Dacus; Porter: Colin Bridgers ; Old Man: Colin Bridgers; Murderer #1: JD McNeal; Murderer #2: Christian Schneider; Murderer #3: Jocelyn Herndon; Lady Macbeth: Paige Collins; Lady Macduff: Elizabeth Schneider; Gentlewoman: Stephanie Schardt; Sister #1: Lisa Martin; Sister #2: Gwen Steinecke; Sister #3: Kaytlyn Zimmer; Messenger: Tyaisha Allen; Servant: Amanda Lair-Barnett; A Lord: Derek Dacus; Attendants & Soldiers: Ensemble.

Ensemble Members

Derek Dacus, Juan Espinoza, Amanda Lair-Barnett, Tyaisha Allen, Bradley Allen, Stephanie Schardt, Elizabeth Schneider, Colin Bridgers, Josh Maxwell, and Mike Risinger.   

Crew List

Director: William Walker; Assistant Director: Haley Hines; Technical Director: Alex Peevy; Stage Manager: Taren Sartor; Assistant Stage Manager: Leah Maxson; Sound Technician: Tori Hunt; Light Board Technician: Marcus Kraut; Production Crew: Samantha Turner and Marcus Kraut; Construction Crew: Theatre Practicum; Costume Construction: Theatre Practicum, Samantha Grace, Cynthia Beene, Donna Deverell and the cast of Macbeth.

For information or ticket reservations, please call 903-782-0488 or email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

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