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National Electrical Code I

Published or Revised May 16, 2014

Introduction to the National Electric Code including industry safety hazards, standards, and precautions. Codebook structure, terminology, load calculations, and electrical installations will be presented. Extensive guided instruction and practice provided. Course Outcomes: Compare the history and intent of the National Electric Code (NEC); categorize types of wire, cable, conduit and wire ways; compare and contrast code requirements for outlets, lighting, appliances and heating; calculate service and feeder readings; analyze environment in order to apply grounding, bonding, and transfer code requirements; select over-current protection for electrical installations, and over-current motor circuit wiring; analyze raceway applications; calculate circuit needs for HVAC/R; calculate motor control circuits and feeders; comply with NEC regulations; and employ local and state regulations for licensing.

» Dates to be announced.

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