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Value of skills development grants discussed by PJC regents

Published or Revised May 20, 2015

The May 18, 2015 meeting of the Paris Junior College Board of Regents opened with a presentation from Tom Glascock, Vice President - Plant Manager of Turner Industries. The company is seeking a 100 percent, 10-year tax abatement for two projects estimated to total between $12-13 million. The projects are in the proposal stage within the corporation.

“We received a $512,000 skills development grant back in 2010; $192,000 of which went to the Paris plant,” said PJC President Dr. Pam Anglin, “to provide training for Turner Industries to become a nuclear-certified plant.”

PJC can apply for up to a half million dollars in skills development grants from the State of Texas every twelve months, so the college can work with industry to provide specialty skills to assist a company in a specific dollar amount far exceeding that of a tax abatement. That would reduce expenses for the company much more than the abatement.

“Whether it’s training dollars or abatement dollars,” said PJC Regent Charles Lynch, “it really doesn’t matter. They are real dollars.”

“The abatement would only be about $10,000,” said PJC Board of Regents President Curtis Fendley. “We could adjust the abatement amount and work with them on grants. Look at what Texarkana College is doing. They are one of our competitors, and only give a 25 percent abatement for a much shorter period of time.”

In response to a question following the initial presentation, Vice President of Workforce Education John Spradling explained that PJC students would not have the skills Turner is looking for after only one semester, but after three semesters they would have the ability to be tackers - the initial level of skills Turner is looksing for in new hires.

No action was taken on the tax abatement following a discussion of the merits of tax abatements versus applying for a skills development grant to assist Turner. The board directed Dr. Anglin to follow up with Turner Industries for more information to bring back to them at a later meeting.

In other business, the Regents:

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