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PJC holds 2017 juried student art exhibit, awards ceremony

Published or Revised May 12, 2017

2017 PJC art awards

At top, category winners at the PJC Juried Student Art Exhibit include, from left, Hannah Garrett of Mt. Vernon, Alexis White of Caddo Mills, Jaymee Cogburn of Cooper, Rosemary Miller of Sumner, Cheyenne Annett of Powderly, and Daniel Gamino, Suzette Smith and Barillion Dougherty of Paris. Below, PJC adjunct instructor Marvin Gorley and PJC art instructor Susan Moore presented Sandra Taylor of Paris with a Special Award for Service to the Art Department.

Paris Junior College student talent was recognized at the 2017 Spring Juried Student Art Exhibit and awards ceremony held in the Foyer Gallery on Tuesday, May 2. Lena Spencer, guest artist in a previous exhibit, was judge for the entrants.

“It has been a privilege to work with these young artists over the past year,” said PJC art instructor Susan Moore, “and help them prepare to transfer on to earn advanced degrees with their knowledge of and dedication to art. This final exhibit represents a wide variety of approaches and mediums, and is a tribute to the students’ abilities to try new approaches and get outside their comfort zones, and be successful. From Freshmen to continuing education students, this exhibit represents PJC’s dedication to serving all levels of student interests and abilities in the visual arts. I am very pleased to have been a part of it.”

Below are the categories and award winners.

Drawing I: First to Jayme Cogburn of Cooper for “Still Life Value Drawing;” second and third to Allee Casey of Celeste for “Self Portrait & Portrayal of Life” and “Wooden Dancers;” and honorable mentions to Cogburn for “Still Life,” Rachel Phillips of Greenville for “Doodle,” and Daniel Gamino of Paris for “Still Life with Fabric.”

Drawing II: First, second, third and honorable mention to Sheyanne Annett of Powderly for “Man With Hat,” “Model,” “Four-pose Abstraction,” and “Graphite of David;” and honorable mention to Gamino for “Subtractive of David.”

2-Dimensional Design:
First to Gamino for “Daring” poster, digital; second and third to Annett for “Alice in Wonderland,” colored pencil, and “Negative Space,” Sharpie ink; and honorable mention to Caton for “Stand Against Bullying.”

3-Dimensional Design: First and honorable mention to Alexis White for “Kinetic Art” project and “Self Portrait in Planes;” second and honorable mention to Caton for “Self Portrait in Planes” and “Elephant Family,” gesture wire project; and third and honorable mention to Annett for “Beauty and the Beast” gesture wire project, and “Line, Plane, Form” project.

Painting: First and third to Rosemary Miller of Sumner for “The iPhone Family Tree”, oil and acrylic, and “Still Life”, oil on canvas; second to Anthony Wagnon of Paris for “Still Life,” oil on canvas; and honorable mention to Cogburn for unnamed work, oil on canvas.

Photography I: First and honorable mention to Cogburn for “It’s Not a Star,” and “John Deer” and “Blond Beauty;” second to Caton for “Love is in the Air;” third and honorable mention to Leanna Swart of Paris for “Strength” and “Quiet Love;” and honorable mention to Charlotte Speulda of Paris for “Pitcher.”

Photography II: First and second to Genevieve Goskie for “Portrait” and “Dog.”

Advanced Photography: First to Barillon Daugherty of Paris for “Wash Day;” second to Sandra Taylor of Paris for “This is a (Art) Wall;” third to Debra Jones of Campbell for “Mexican Plum Blooms;” and honorable mention to Tracey Loyd of Detroit for “Bordoni,” honorable mention to Johnnie Stewart of Powderly for “Ranch,” honorable mention to Glee Emmite of Paris for “Paris Magnet,” and honorable mention to Joe Watson of Paris for “Cemetery Road” and “Paris, TX, Eiffel Tower.”

Ceramics I: First, second and honorable mention to Hannah Garrett of Mt. Pleasant for Tall Coil Pot, Blue Glazed Bowl and Green & Red Vase; third to Gamino for Bowl With Leaf Impressions.

Ceramics II: First, second and third went to Tim Shelton for Green Glazed Plate, Small Bowl, and Duo-Tone Small Bowl.

Advanced Ceramics: First and honorable mention to Suzette Smith of Paris for Bottle and Blue Bowl; second to Ann Tschoerner of Paris for Small Covered Pot; third and honorable mention to Brenda Vonn Johnson for Blue Plate and Pitcher; and honorable mentions to Sharon Lynch of Hugo, Okla., for Multi-color Bowl and Fluted Bowl.

Best of Show went to Annett for “Evergreen Cemetery Landscape,” and a Special Award for Service to the Art Department was presented to Taylor by Moore and PJC Photography Instructor Marvin Gorley.

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