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PJC fall enrollment increases by 6 percent

Published or Revised September 12, 2005

Enrollment at Paris Junior College continued to increase at all three campuses this fall, up by 6 percent over last year to 4,371 students.

PJC President Dr. Pamela Anglin said it is great to see continued growth of the college.

“I am pleased that people continue to reach out for more and better education, and especially proud of the fact that they choose Paris Junior College as their institution of choice,” Anglin said. “We continue to add to our curriculum to provide academic and technical programs that will prepare our students for success.”

The enrollment is 162 more than last year’s fall total of 4,209 students and reflects a growth of 1,477 students since the fall of 2000 when enrollment was 2,874.

The rise in the number of students has also brought about a new record in contact hours, which has grown to more than 1 million for the first time in PJC history. Contact hours, which is the measure of credit hours being taken by students, has reached approximately 1,010,000 hours.

New fall enrollment records have also been set at the campuses in Greenville and Sulphur Springs.

The PJC-Greenville campus has grown to 1,085 students, exceeding 1,000 students for the first time since opening in 1994. The Center grew by 100 students since last year.

The PJC-Sulphur Springs campus has also reached a new record of 786 students, an increase of 70 students over last fall.

Anglin said that continued growth at the Greenville and Sulphur Springs campuses reinforces the need to move forward with plans to provide new facilities at those locations.

“Both of these campuses are at capacity, and we must proceed with our master plan to secure land and begin construction of facilities within the coming year,” she said.

The Paris campus is also on the master plan to get new dormitories for resident students.

Since the fall of 2000, enrollment at the Greenville Center and the Sulphur Springs Center has doubled from 558 students and 385 students, respectively.

“Growth was anticipated at all three of our campuses, and I am pleased that our Board of Regents and administration have seen the need and established a strategic plan for the future of the college,” Anglin said.

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