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PJC jewelry program holds awards ceremony

Published or Revised May 18, 2015

PJC 2015 jewelry awards

At top, winners of the Stuller Awards for Excellence included, from left, Beverly Gilbert, Lily Marie Kauffeld Ellicott, Chengzhou Liang, and Alexandro Reyes. Middle: winners in the student design contest are, from left, Tyler Neves, Alexandro Reyes, Theresa Morrin, Shane Connaughton, Hannah Piñon, Elizabeth Dowds, and Jory Wall. Bottom, those receiving certificates at the ceremony are, from left in front: Brittany Bean, Samantha Lanphier, Casey Ferrell, Hannah Piñon and Alexandra Reves. Second row, from left: Rachel Watson, Caroline Brady, Amy Sandager, Beverly Gilbert, Alexandro Reyes, Shawn Denham. Third row, from left: Eric Earger, David Limbaugh, Dimytri Williams, and Zack Kirby. Back row, from left: Earl Hohensee, Jory Wall, Debbie Smith, Lily Marie Kauffeld Ellicott, and Ryan Wagner.

An awards and recognition ceremony was held Thursday, May 14 for students attending Paris Junior College’s Texas Institute of Jewelry Technology.

The TIJT Student Association holds a design contest each semester in several categories. Students who won included Jory Wall in Finished Pieces; Theresa Morin in Wax Carving; Alexandro Reyes in Art Metals; Cassidy Easley in Steam Punk; Elizabeth Dowds in Beading; Shane Connaughton in Lapidary Arts; Tyler Neves in CAD Finished Pieces; Hannah Piñon in CAD CAM; and Wall was overall winner.

Guest speaker was Scott Bradford, Custom Jewelry Designer and Head of the CAD Department at Bishop Jewelry Manufacturing in Dallas, Texas. He began as an apprentice to a retired jeweler working out of his garage in a small west Texas town in 2006. He enrolled at the Texas Institute of Jewelry Technology in 2008, receiving certificates in Horology, Jewelry Technology, Gemology, and CAD/CAM, achieving the Jewelers of America Certified Bench Jeweler Certification, and the Stuller Platinum Award for Excellence.

“I was sitting in those chairs just a few years ago,” Bradford said. “You have to be comfortable in the environment you’re in - don’t settle. There is a new and exciting industry called 3D printing. I believe it will have a significant impact on our industry, and others, in the future. It is not a replacement of traditional methods, but more of an additional tool in the toolbox.

“I was a delivery driver for Jason’s Deli making minimum wage in 2008 before coming here. This school, the people I met here and everything I learned are the reasons I can stand before you right now. I got to design a ring for Ed “Too Tall” Jones. He wears a size 16 and a half. And for the younger people here today, just ask someone older who Ed ‘Too Tall’ Jones is. I don’t have a lifetime’s knowledge to offer, but I can tell you that when you go out there you won’t be the fastest watchmaker or the fastest designer. My recommendation is to focus on the quality and do that repeatedly and the speed will come. Be honest. And have a good time because what we do is fun.”

The Stuller Awards for Excellence given by Stuller, Inc., of Lafayette, La., were awarded next. The company provides credits to aid graduates in obtaining needed supplies. Stuller supplies tools, findings, and materials needed in the industry. The $500 Platinum Award went to Chengzhou Liang of Garland, Texas. The $300 Gold Award went to Lily Marie Kaufeld of Siloam Springs, Ark. The $200 Silver Award was presented to Beverly Gilbert of Gig Harbor, Wash., and Alexandro Reyes of Fort Worth, Texas was awarded the $100 Bronze Award.

Receiving certificates in Jewelry Technology were Brittany N. Bean of Paris, Texas; Caroline Brady of Meridian, Texas; Michael Zackary Kirby of Lewisburg, Tenn.; Samantha Lanphier of Pearland, Texas;  David G. Limbaugh of Pattonville, Texas; Alexandro Reyes of Fort Worth, Texas; and Jory Irvin Wall of Glasgow, Mont.

Bench Technician certificates went to Eric P. Erger of Boulder, Colo.; Beverly Gilbert of Gig Harbor, Wash.; Earl Hohensee of New Orleans, La.; Lily Marie Kauffeld Ellicott of Siloam Springs, Ark.; Jonathon Newton of Leander, Texas; Alexandra Reves of Powderly, Texas; Wesley Rodgers of Paris; Amy Marie Sandager of Albert Lea, Minn.; Deborah J. Smith of Reno, Texas; Christopher Ryan Wagner of Watauga, Texas; and Rachel Elizabeth Watson of Tolland, Conn.

Receiving certificates in casting were Casey Farrell of Homer, Alaska; Hannah Rose Piñon of McAllen, Texas; Gilbert; Kauffeld Ellicott; Jonathon Newton; Olivia Newton; Reyes; Rodgers; Wagner; and Watson.

A Certificate in Horology Technology was awarded to Chengzhou “Joe” Liang of Garland, Texas.

Fine Mechanical Watch Repair certificates went to Shawn Denham of Denton, Texas and Dimytri Williams of Houston, Texas.

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