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PJC Refund Policy

Published or Revised February 12, 2019

Students enrolled in semester credit hour courses who officially withdraw or reduce their semester credit hour load at PJC shall have tuition and required fees refunded according to the following schedule. Refunds for courses with unique scheduling will be processed according to state guidelines. Refunds are mailed to the student.

Fall or Spring Semester

Non-Semester Length

For non-semester length courses (such as summer, mini, flex), see the current schedule of classes for specific dates.

FOR THE PURPOSE OF THE REFUND POLICY, A CLASS DAY IS DEFINED AS A DAY DURING WHICH COLLEGE CLASSES ARE CONDUCTED. The count begins with the first day classes are held during the term and includes each consecutive class day thereafter. The first class day and other important dates are listed in the Schedule of Classes each semester. For additional information about adding or dropping classes, see “Adding & Dropping” classes under Academic Policies.


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