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PJC students named to All Texas Academic Team in Austin

Published or Revised January 11, 2017

All Texas Team 2016

Standing with Jacob Fraire, President and CEO of the Texas Association of Community Colleges (center), are the two PJC students named to the All Texas Academic Team, from left, Joel Mutchler and Cameron Copeland.

Two Paris Junior College students were honored in Austin at the State Capitol recently as they were named to the Phi Theta Kappa All Texas Academic Team. Cameron Copeland of Longview and Joel Mutchler of Paris were recognized as outstanding two-year college students based on nominations from faculty and for their outstanding academic achievement, community service, leadership, and expression.

The students received medallions that go to the top students who are chosen based on academic achievement, exemplary community service, and the quality of numerous essay submissions.

PJC Student Life Director Kenneth Webb described the inspirational message students heard from the keynote speaker, Jacob Fraire, President and CEO of the Texas Association of Community Colleges.

“Fraire paid tribute to the parents for getting the students to this point and thanked them for setting high achievement goals for what the students have done to date,” Webb said. “He told the students not to stop here, that they had many things to accomplish in their life and to keep going and continue their education. ‘You are our leaders of the future,’ was his final message.”

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