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PJC’s SGA provides students with leadership opportunities

Published or Revised January 04, 2015

SGA region III

PJC students who attended the Student Government Association Region III meeting in Tyler included, from left, front row: Arron Newman and Matthew Brooks; second row: Tabatha Friday, Briana Musgrove and Meosha Cooper; third row: Lauren Jeans, Daniel Collin and Matthew Nichols; and at back is Jeffery Ting.

Though he is not yet eligible to hold an office with the Student Government Association at Paris Junior College, freshman Arron Newman found himself taking on the role of SGA Region III secretary at a recent meeting in Tyler, Texas.

“He presided as Secretary at the last minute, and he did a very good job,” said PJC Student Life Director Kenneth Webb.

Newman was nominated when the student elected last spring as Region III secretary did not return to PJC. The education major became active in SGA through his Rotary Club scholarship.

“I found out the week before we went that I would be acting Region III Secretary,” said Newman. “I thought it would just be for that meeting and someone else would take over but learned that it was for the remainder of the year. It surprised me, but it was an interesting thing to do and I enjoyed it.

“I got into SGA because of the Rotary scholarship and have been trying to go to meetings and learn a little bit. I enjoyed getting to meet all kinds of new people at the regional meeting. It was really cool. I’ll be acting secretary next semester, too.”

Lauren Jeans, PJC SGA president, attended committee meetings and met with her fellow SGA presidents.

“They gave us ideas for fundraising and we went over parliamentary processes and shared ideas about how we do things,” said Jeans. “It was fun.”

PJC students participated in selecting a new logo for Region III to use on a pin this year, instead of on a t-shirt. They also attended a group sensitivity training to examine class and other types of stereotyping.

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