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Sixty-two veterans inducted into Hall of Honor

Published or Revised November 17, 2005


PJC Alumni Association President Tom Hunt III presides as these World War II veterans who are alumni of the college take their seats of honor in front of the banquet hall to receive their Hall of Honor pins.

Sixty-two alumni who served in the United States Armed Forces during World War II were inducted into the Paris Junior College Hall of Honor Saturday.

At an awards luncheon attended by more than 500 people, PJC continued its homecoming theme of tribute to military veterans then - and now. But, Saturday the emphasis was on World War II, and dozens of veterans and members of their families were present for the special recognition and presentation of awards.

“This is a special day for all of us as we pay tribute to great veterans,” said PJC Alumni Association President Tom Hunt, III. “It is an honor and a privilege to be able to recognize them for their dedication and contribution made to our nation.”

VFW Post 8560 of Hopkins County presented the colors to open the program. The keynote speaker, Dr. Peter Lane, a Vietnam veteran and special assistant to the President and visiting lecturer in history at the University of North Texas, said he wanted to compliment Paris Junior College for honoring this group of veterans.

“These veterans fought for the love of their country - they were the strength of our nation in a time when they were needed,” he said. “Most of them came home (from the war), but many didn’t, and that was a great cost of the war. But, those you are remembering, too.”

Lane said those World War II veterans were unifiers of America and brought victory through dedication to service.

“They are our greatest generation,” Lane said. “They don’t ask for much - they just ask not to be forgotten.”

Hunt recognized through the reading of names all former PJC students who lost their lives in World War II. He also read the names of all those who served but are now deceased. Family members present received a poppy.

World War II veterans present at the luncheon were then escorted to a place of honor in front of the banquet hall where PJC President Dr. Pamela Anglin presented each of them with a lapel pin in recognition of their service.

The pins were made by the PJC Jewelry Technology Department under the direction of Ulla Raus. The 62 veterans also received a certificate inducting them into the Hall of Honor.

Veterans inducted into the hall included Oliver C. Allen, James E. Anderson, Nolan R. Ashmore, William H. (Billy Mac) Ayres, Jr., John H. Bailey, Tom Baker, Hoyle Redman Barr, William J. (Bill) Bone, Ed W. (Bill) Booth, Terrell Boyd, Arrie Butler, Robert K. Campbell, Lucien B. Campbell, Jr., Allen C. (Buddy) Carter, Joel B. Casey, Delbert Davis, Tommy Duncan, Edward F. Edzards.

Also, George O. Fisher, Harry L. Foote, Roy B. Gibson, Thomas E. Grant, John L. Hasselmeier, Sr., Joe Earl Haynes, Quincy Hazlewood, John Dickson (Dick) House, John Howison, Irene Hertsgaard Hunt, Harold Hunt, Ollie Jack, Rex Jennings, John D. Johnson, Newell Carlton Kinard, John D. Latimer, William (Bill) Lightfoot, Lemuel R. Locke, Robert (Bob) McWherter, George G. Moore.

And George Elder Moore, Fred E. Morphew, Jr., John (Jack) Norman, John W. Norton, Frank Melvin O’Brien, Jr., Jack M. Pike, William Winton Rogers, Patrick Ryan, Van Scott, Jack M. Sharpe, Wesley Monroe Shrum, Robert E. Lee Stell, Louis Stephenson, Mildred Strong, John E. (Eugene) Swint, Dennis D. Temple, Henry Thielman, Dan Bert Thomas, Jack Edwin Troutt, A. V. Wacasey, John M. Wall, Roy Welch and Raymond Wunsch.

An additional 31 deceased World War II veterans were represented at the luncheon by their families and received certificates of recognition.

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