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Programs of Study

Health Careers

Allied Health

Degree Type: AS

Semester Credit Hours: 60

First Semester - 16 SCH

EDUC/PSYC 1300 - Learning Framework
BIOL 2401 - Anatomy & Physiology I
ENGL 1301 - Composition I
COSC 1301 - Introduction to Computing
PSYC 2314 - Lifespan Growth and Development

Second Semester - 16 SCH

BIOL 2402 - Anatomy & Physiology II
MATH 1342 - Elementary Statistical Methods
ENGL 1302 - Composition II
HIST 1301 - United States History I
PSYC 2301 - General Psychology

Third Semester - 15 SCH

HIST 1302 - United States History II
BIOL 1322 - Nutrition & Diet Therapy
GOVT 2305 - Federal Government
MUSI 1306 - Music Appreciation
SOCI 1301 - Introduction to Sociology

Fourth Semester - 13 SCH

ENGL 2331 - World Literature
BIOL 2420 - Microbiology for Non-Science Majors
GOVT 2306 - Texas Government
SPCH 1315 - Public Speaking

Marketable Skills

  • Knowledge of micro/macromolecules as they relate to health and proper diet.
  • Follow laboratory procedures safely and effectively.
  • Use scientific reasoning to identify strengths/weaknesses and develop alternative solutions.
  • Use computers and software to process and present data.
  • Effective development, interpretation, and expression of ideas through written, oral, and visual communication.
  • Work collaboratively with others and be an active listener.
  • Lead when appropriate during laboratory or group projects.
  • Knowledge base in cell biology, microbiology as related to human disease, and anatomy amd physiology.

Program Outcomes

  • Demonstrate knowledge of basic terminology and understanding of major biological concepts.
  • Students will demonstrate critical thinking skills that allow them to see the intellectual connections between different disciplines.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the ethical challenges encountered by practitioners of different disciplines.

Expected Salary

Texas wage data: workers on average earn $32,840; 10% of workers earn $24,800 or less; 10% of workers earn $44,170 or more. US wage data: workers on average earn $35,850; 10% of workers earn $26,930 or less; 10% of workers earn $50,580 or more.

Career Opportunities

This is a pre-health degree for pursuit of certificate/licensure and/or an associate degree in allied health related careers.
AS Minimum: LVN; RN; EMS; Medical Secretary; Health-Care/Lab Technician; Medical Biller/Coder; Surgical Technician; Radiology Technician; Diagnostic Medical Sonographer; Allied Health Care Administrative Assistant; Phlebotomy Technician. BS Minimum: Case Managers; Radiation Therapist; BSN; Dietician; Respiratory Therapists. MS Minimum: Nurse Practioner; Physician Assistant; Nurse Anesthetist.

High School Endorsements

Public Service

Additional Educational Opportunities

Bachelor of Science in Allied Health related programs.