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Drafting/Computer Aided Design

Published or Revised November 23, 2015

Drafting/CAD is an important industrial art conveying designs as well as the materials needed to produce the design. It is used in the automotive, shipbuilding and aerospace industries, industrial and architectural design and engineering. CAD can also be used to produce computer animation for special effects in movies and advertising.

PJC starts students out on the drawing boards, where they will learn the basics of drafting and become familiar with drafting and design concepts. Students then move on to computers, where they will begin to learn to create and modify drawings using AutoCAD and other design software. The classes are designed so that the student will become proficient with AutoCAD and will experience the many types of drafting that industry has to offer. Our advanced classes include real-world projects that give the students the knowledge and skills needed to excel in the design industry.

Drafting Majors: students will take four courses per 16-week semester, which are split into four-week intervals during the semester. PJC encourages students to take their core courses (Algebra, English, etc.) during summer semesters.

Engineering Majors: Flexible scheduling is available for students wishing to major in engineering with time conflicts due to other academic courses required for their degree. We will do our best to accommodate the student.

Continuing Education/Industry: PJC is for students wishing to continue their education and training, to those who need an update in software knowledge, or for those working in industry and needing to learn drafting skills. PJC offers continuing education courses in drafting and design using AutoCAD and various other programs (Solidworks, Inventor, etc.) at times throughout the year. Want to take drafting courses but feel you have a conflict? Please call and we can discuss the opportunities that are available.

The Associate of Applied Science is 66 credit hours; the certificate in drafting is 41 credit hours.

For more information, contact Chris Malone, drafting/computer-aided design instructor, at 903-782-0391 or .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

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