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PJC offering CNC Machine Training in Sulphur Springs

Published or Revised March 24, 2017

CNC machine trainers

Manufacturing affects many industries that drive our local economy and this hands-on field has high demand for qualified technicians as the new technology evolves. Computerized Numerical Control (CNC) machinists literally build things from scratch using computer enhanced machines. Now the PJC - Sulphur Springs Center is offering a course covering the basics with CNC machine training.

CNC machine training offers the chance to gain job-ready abilities by becoming skilled at working with computer numerical control (CNC) machine technologies. The technology is used to make tools, dies, molds, and other objects using high-tech lathes or milling equipment.

CNC techs produce a wide range of manufactured goods and work with a full line of raw materials – plastics, wood, metal and more. This skilled trades career calls for sophisticated programming skills to bring products from concept design to reality: from a piece of titanium, for example, to an artificial hip; from a piece of steel for gears for cars, trucks and airplanes; from a piece of wood to parts for new home construction.

The continuing education course is offered from 6 to 9 p.m., Monday through Friday, April 3-14. For more information call 903-885-1232. The PJC - Sulphur Springs Center is located at 1137 Loop 301 East.

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