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Published or Revised August 22, 2018

Paris Junior College's Cosmetology Program begins in the Fall Semester and concludes in the Summer II Semester.

The Cosmetology Department offers students opportunities to prepare for an exciting and challenging career in the professional beauty service industry. Cosmetology is a fascinating career field offering unlimited opportunities to express your creative ability and apply your people skills. It’s a people-based industry, and you will touch the lives of those with whom your work and upon whom you practice your skill.

Graduates from the program have many career opportunities, including owning a salon, entering the fashion world or moviemaking as an expert makeup or stylist artist, becoming a beauty consultant, traveling as a stylist for a cruise ship line, hair color and perm specialist, cosmetology instructor, image consultant, product distributor, manicurist or nail care artist, platform artist/educator or manufacturer sales representative.

The department provides specialty courses in manicuring and esthetician as well as certificates in Cosmetology Training, Nail Technician, and Cosmetology Instructor. Skills you may learn include precision hair cutting, elements and principles of hair design, hair coloring and foiling, manicuring, facials and much more.

PJC's Cosmetology Training certificate allows a student to earn the certificate and obtain a license from the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) to practice in the field. The program consists of 41 credit hours in three semesters. Through clinical settings, students obtain the skills needed to shampoo, cut, and style hair; and skills needed to provide chemical services, facial and scalp treatments, manicures and pedicures. After students complete the program, they are eligible to take the TDLR licensing examinations.

PJC also offers certificates in Cosmetology Instruction (16 credit hours) and Nail Technician (21 credit hours).

For more information about PJC's Cosmetology Program, contact Shelby Mazerolle, Cosmetology Instructor, at 903.782.0250 or