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FAQ about conceal carry on campus

Published or Revised August 02, 2017

Frequently asked questions about conceal carry on campus

What is the new “Campus Carry” law and when does it go into effect?

Senate Bill 11 passed by the 84th Texas Legislature expands the areas on public universities and colleges where those with licenses may carry concealed handguns. For two year colleges like Paris Junior College, the law became effective August 1, 2017.

Could Paris Junior College have opted out of the Campus Carry law?

No. Only private college and universities were allowed to opt out. Public institutions of higher education were not allowed a choice.

What does “concealed carry” mean?

Concealed carry means concealed carry. The weapon must be carried concealed on or about the person. Neither Senate Bill 11 nor House Bill 910 (open carry) allow for the open carry of weapons on a college or university campus.

What does concealed carry of a handgun “on or about the license holder’s person” mean?

“On or about” means either on or very close to the licensed to carry individual. Any way to state it would be that the concealed handgun is within easy/quick reach of the person.

Who is a valid license holder under the Campus Carry law?

A valid license holder means an individual that has been issued a “License to Carry” license of a concealed handgun by the State of Texas

What is the difference between “Campus Carry” and “Open Carry”?

Senate Bill 11 authorized “campus carry” of a concealed handgun on college and university campuses by those who previously have been issued a “License to Carry” permit from the State. Open Carry authorized by House Bill 910 allows those who have been issued a “License to Carry” permit to legally carry a holstered handgun that is visible. Again neither Campus Carry legislation nor Open Carry legislation allow for the open carrying of handguns on college campuses.

How many people have a CHL license in Texas?

As of December 31, 2014, the Texas Department of Public Safety reported that there were 825,957 active concealed handgun license holders. The population of Texas was 26.96 million in 2014; 2.7% held a CHL. In 2013, 0.03% of CHL holders had a criminal conviction. In 2014, 0.12% of CHL holders had their license revoked. Reports and statistics for concealed handgun licenses can be found on the Texas Department of Public Safety website.

What states have a reciprocity agreement with Texas so handgun license holders from other states can lawfully carry in Texas?

There are 42 states that have a reciprocity agreement with Texas. Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Utah Virginia Washington West Virginia Wyoming When in Texas, license holders from other states must follow Texas gun laws, not their home state’s gun laws.

Is a license holder allowed to openly and visibly carry a handgun on campus?

No. The license holder must carry the weapon concealed at all times.

What responsibility does a license holder have to keep his/her weapon absolutely concealed?

A person with the License to Carry permit has full responsibility to ensure that the handgun is concealed at all times while on a college campus.

Can anybody legally carry a handgun on a Texas public college when the law takes effect?

No. When the law becomes into effect for us in August 2017, only those individuals who have a License to Carry permit issued by the State of Texas may legally carry. See next question regarding reciprocal agreements with other States

Can out-of-state visitors carry a handgun if they have an out-of-state issued concealed license permit?

Yes and No. The State of Texas has reciprocal agreements with a number of other States regarding concealed carrying of weapons. Yes, if the out of state permit is issued by a state with a reciprocal agreement with State of Texas (see previous list). No, if the other state does not have a reciprocal agreement with the State of Texas.

If I see someone carrying a weapon on campus, should I call the police?

Yes. Contact campus police immediately if you observe someone with a visible handgun on campus at 903-782-0399.

Is there anywhere on campus where guns are PROHIBITED?

Yes. While not being allowed to declare the entire campus gun-free, we do have some discretion in the establishment of specific areas where weapons are prohibited. Senate Bill 11 allows each campus to make reasonable rules where weapon possession is restricted. Click here to see the PJC conceal carry policy and the appendix listing where conceal carry is not allowed.

Is there a place on campus where an individual can store a handgun?


Does a supervisor have the right to prohibit staff employees and/or vendors from carrying a concealed handgun in the campus work environment?


Can I ask a student, faculty member, staff employee, or guest on campus if he or she is carrying a concealed handgun or if he or she is a license holder?

No. Only a member of law enforcement or a magistrate is allowed to question an individual regarding whether or not they are licensed to carry.

Are faculty and staff required to notify students and/or other guests that they are carrying a concealed handgun?


Does a faculty member have the right to exclude a student from a classroom, laboratory, or private office if the student is carrying a concealed weapon?


Can a faculty member add language to a course syllabus that provides information about campus carry?

Yes. The addition of campus carry language from PJC's conceal carry policy is highly recommended.

Can a faculty member or staff member prohibit the concealed carry of a handgun in their private office?

No Is there an accessible list with the names of individuals on campus who are license holders? No

Are students who live in campus residence halls and/or their guests permitted to carry a concealed handgun?

Yes. Rules have been developed by the campus carry committee along with input from Student Life personnel and are included in our policy recommendations.

If living in or visiting on-campus residence halls, is handgun storage provided for a license holder?

Safes are provided for students living on campus who are conceal carry license holders.

Does a faculty member have a duty to carry a concealed handgun to protect the students in their classroom?


What should faculty and students do if an active shooter situation arises in a classroom?

Contact 911 and Campus Police immediately at 903-782-0399.

What procedures does the College have in place to deal with someone who has a gun and is exhibiting threatening behavior?

Campus Police are licensed peace officers who have received specialized training regarding response to situations involving armed individuals. Immediately call 911 and Campus Police at 903-782-0399.

Is there a process that can be followed to designate an event as gun-free or to temporarily designate a specific area as a gun-free zone?

There are provisions to specifically address this issue included in the campus conceal carry policy.

Does the College provide any training or professional development to educate faculty, staff, and students about firearm safety?

Paris Junior College does not have any plans at this time to provide training regarding firearms safety.

Does the College have any training to prepare students, faculty, and staff about how to deal with active shooter situations?

Paris Junior College provides professional development to employees regarding Active Shooter response.

If I have a concern about the implementation of the Campus Carry law, or about the law itself, or a suggestion to offer, who do I tell?

Suggestions and comments may be addressed individually to any member of the working group or may be communicated by sending an email to