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JobReady through Paris Junior College

Published or Revised February 04, 2021

JobReady Logo

The goal of JobReady is to help students enter, or re-enter, the job market quickly and successfully. The program was created by the National Education Foundation (NEF), the national non-profit leader in STEM+ job skills training and Open4 Learning. A partnership with the Texas Community College Teachers Association allows affordable pricing.

Through JobReady, PJC provides a collection of top-rated corporate learning courses – available via the web and mobile apps – with digital credentials. By working with employers, certification providers and job discovery services, JobReady aims to connect the dots between learning and work.

The programs offered through PJC are affordable for every job seeker. The new courses cover a wide range of technical skills, from cybersecurity to manufacturing to computer systems administration and networking, as well as "soft skills" such as interpersonal communication and time management.

To view the available programs from JobReady, go to