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How To Add Or Drop Classes

Published or Revised September 16, 2012

Schedule changes will be allowed for the first five days during the regular semester and for the first two days during the summer semester. Students who register late will forfeit this privilege.

During the first five days of the semester, students can see an advisor to make schedule changes. After the first five class days, the students must go to the instructor of the course to be dropped; the instructor will complete the appropriate form.

Students adding courses will be charged the appropriate tuition and fees according to the tuition and fee schedule. Students who add courses and fail to pay the full cost by the last day to add a class will be dropped and no credit given for the course.

A student may withdraw (drop) from a course, other than developmental courses or all courses, at any time up until the last day of the 12th week of the semester (fourth week in a summer term) with no grade penalty.

While the student must initiate withdrawal, the request for a withdrawal slip (drop slip) must originate from the instructor teaching the course being dropped. The instructor’s signature must be on the withdrawal request to be valid.

Students receiving financial aid and/or Veterans’ benefits must report to the Financial Aid Office before turning in drop slips to the Records and Business offices. Students on scholarship must obtain approval from their advisor prior to dropping a course.

Student who properly withdraw from courses will receive grades of “W” for such course work (see the college calendar for the proper date of withdrawal). After that date, students will not be allowed to withdraw from any courses.

Requests for withdrawal become official and effective the date they are received in the Records Office. Requests received after published withdrawal deadlines will not be honored.

Limits on the Number of Dropped Courses

Section 51.907 of the Texas Education Code, enacted by the Texas Legislature, Spring 2007, applies to students who enroll in a public institution of higher education as a first time freshman in Fall 2007 or later.

Paris Junior College may not permit a student to drop more than six courses, including those taken at another Texas public institution of higher education. All courses dropped after the Official Day of Record are included in the six-course limit unless 1) the student withdraws from all courses, or 2) the drop is authorized by an appropriate College official as an approved Drop Exception.

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