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FAQ on internet courses in Blackboard

Published or Revised June 16, 2015

Frequently Asked Questions about internet courses in Blackboard

I am having a technical issue with my online class, whom do I contact?

The Paris Junior College help desk provides support for Blackboard. If you are experiencing issues with McGraw Hill Connect, a MyLabs product (MyAccountingLab for example), Aplia or other publisher provided content, please contact the publisher. If you are experiencing an issue with Blackboard, you may need to contact the PJC help desk.

I am having trouble comprehending course material and have questions about due dates. Whom do I contact?

First, you should contact your instructor. Instructors are available via email or telephone. PJC also provides tutoring in many subject areas. Call (903) 782-0277 for tutoring.

My computer crashed. What can I do?

Computer access is available at the following PJC locations. Technical issues are not an excuse to miss deadlines. This is why assignments should not be put off until near the deadline.

I sent my instructor an email. When should I expect a response?

PJC instructors strive to be prompt in returning emails; however, there are no instructors with responsibilities limited only to teaching online. If the email was sent Monday through Thursday, you may expect a response within 24 hours. If the email was sent Friday through Sunday, you should expect an answer on Monday.

I am planning to take a vacation during the semester. Will this be an issue?

Online classes are no different than traditional courses in the fact that they require frequent attendance. Most courses will have assignments due each week. Even if you are on vacation, you will need internet access and time for completing your assignments before the due date. Also, most courses will require proctored exams. Check with the instructor of the course.

Are online courses easier than traditional face-to-face courses?

No, internet courses can be even more demanding than traditional face-to-face courses. Online courses require that students be self-motivated and dedicated to completing the course.

Are computer skills required for taking an online course?

Yes, if you are not comfortable with the following computer-based activities, you should consider carefully before taking an online course: For some online classes, additional items may be required as listed below. The college help desk can assist with most of these,

What are the system requirements for taking an online course?

How can I access the library databases from off-campus?

Go to the Paris Junior College homepage at

How can I look up books in the library catalog to complete my research paper?

The online catalog can be accessed via the Internet at the PJC Web site. Go to

How do I download the App to access the library databases from my cell phone? Go to the Paris Junior College homepage at

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