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General Admission Information

Published or Revised March 25, 2021

The Office of Admissions at Paris Junior College is eager to assist prospective students with general information about our academic and technical programs. Our office is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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For more information, you can always e-mail

All materials required for admission to Paris Junior College should be on file in the Admissions Office prior to registration. A new applicant whose file is incomplete at the time of registration will be allowed to enroll on a conditional basis pending completion of the admissions file. Responsibility rests upon the student applicant for insuring that all necessary documents have been submitted.

Paris Junior College has an "open door" admissions policy which insures that all persons who can profit from post-secondary education have an opportunity to enroll. Under this policy, a student may be admitted to the college according to any one of the conditions listed below.

Important Meningitis Vaccination Information

You cannot enroll for classes until you present proof of vaccination. For more information, click here.

High School Graduation

Graduates of accredited high schools satisfy minimum requirements. An official high school transcript showing date of graduation and signature of certifying official must be provided.

GED Completion

A person who has completed the General Education Development Test with passing scores. GED scores and/or a copy of GED certificate must be provided.

Non-Accredited or Non-traditional Education

Graduates must provide an official high school transcript showing date of graduation with a signature of a certifying official. Home school graduates must present a notarized record of high school equivalent work completed and the date of successful completion. This work should be consistent with the TEA minimums for high school completion.

Individual Approval

A student who did not graduate from high school (but whose high school class has graduated) or has not passed the GED may be admitted on individual approval. A student must show evidence of the ability to benefit from post-secondary education as demonstrated by the completion of a state-required or local assessment test. All students admitted by individual approval are strongly encouraged to complete the GED.

Early Admission for High School Students/Dual Credit

High school students who have passed the TSI Assessment may be admitted upon written approval from the high school administration.

Paris Junior College, through cooperative agreements with area high school officials, has established a concurrent enrollment program for high school students. Eligible students are enrolled at PJC for a reduced course load not to exceed two college courses per semester while completing high school graduation requirements. These students may enroll in either academic or workforce areas and have the option to study in the college's day or evening program. Before enrolling at PJC, students must supply a transcript and an official letter of permission from their high school principal or counselor for each year they are enrolled. Dual credit students must meet TSI requirements.


Students who have attended PJC previously will need to update their application by providing current name, address, telephone number, etc., to the Admissions Office. Students who have attended other colleges since leaving PJC must supply official transcripts from those colleges.

Transient Admission

A transient student is defined as one who is primarily enrolled at another institution. A transient student must provide an official college transcript from the institution in which they are primarily enrolled.

Transfer Students

Students pursuing a degree or certificate at PJC may be accepted on transfer from other regionally accredited colleges and universities. Students seeking transfer to PJC must complete all admissions documents and submit transcripts which indicate all post-secondary credits previously earned. Transcripts (official or unofficial) must be available at the time of registration for purposes of advising. Official transcripts must be on file within one semester of initial enrollment or subsequent admission will be denied.

International Students

International students can be accepted to PJC when all requirements have been met. An international student must submit the following:

After acceptance by the college, and before registration, all international students will be required to take the TSI Assessment in the areas of English, reading and mathematics. Results of this test will determine the particular courses for which a student may register.

All international students are required to purchase health and accident insurance coverage specified by the college during their entire stay at PJC. Additional information concerning international admission, registration or college policy may be obtained by e-mailing Tasha Whitaker, International Student Advisor, at or by calling 903-782-0430.

Health Occupations

Separate program-specific applications are required for the Nursing, Surgical Technician, Radiology and Medical Records Coding programs. Please contact the Health Occupations Department at 903-782-0734 or e-mail Beata Louquet at for additional information.

Admissions and Financial Aid Information

Many financial aid programs are available for students who qualify. Contact the Student Financial aid office for application and specific program information.

Scholarships At PJC

The PDF file referenced below lists many scholarship opportunities available to students and prospective students at PJC. The scholarships are not offered directly by Paris Junior College and do not constitute a complete listing of all scholarships available. Students are urged to seek out other scholarship opportunities that may be available.

Scholarships are listed by the month during which the scholarships’ application deadline falls.

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