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Treasure Island opens Oct. 3 at PJC

Published or Revised October 02, 2019

Treasure Island photos & artwork

Top: PJC drama student Lucas Rolf as Billy Bones overcomes Jaden Kent as Pirate Harry; middle: PJC Drama Instructor Will Walker works with drama student Angel Wheat in a fight scene; bottom, the play poster.

Adventure and pirates take to the Duane Allen Stage in the Ray E. Karrer Theater this October at Paris Junior College, as the Drama Department opens “Treasure Island” on Oct. 3 in the Ray E. Karrer Theater, and attendees will plunge into a tale set in the days of sailing ships, pirates, and the adventures of Jim Hawkins and a search for an evil pirate’s buried treasure.

“It’s action-packed and going to be really funny,” said Kathleen Hays, who is cast as both Blind Pew and Tom Morgan. “We’ve put a lot of time and energy into everything. There are some moments in there that are gut-busting funny and a lot of ‘shtick.’”

Set in the 1770s, the tale beings at an inn on the Devon coast of England and moves on to the tale sweeps to the South Seas in a whirlwind of treachery and mayhem with swashbuckling adventures. It is also the coming of age story of Jim Hawkins and his complex relationship with Long John Silver, a greedy rogue questing for gold while holding a great affection for the boy.

Chaston Tomlin, who plays Master Jim Hawkins (older) explained that in his role, he tells the story. When asked what was the best part, Tomlin said, “Honestly, and this is true of any play that I’ve done here, it’s the closeness with the cast and all the friends I’ve made along the way at PJC.”

“Treasure Island” opens Oct. 3 at 7:30 p.m., repeats on Oct. 4-5 and at 2:30 p.m. on Oct. 6. Based on the classic 1881 novel by Robert Louis Stevenson, “Treasure Island” has been adapted for the stage by Orion Couling. A sub-grant was received from the Paris Arts Alliance in support of the production.

Tickets are $15 general admission, $10 for seniors and those with student ID, free for those with a current PJC ID. Again this year, anyone bringing a new children’s book will be admitted for $5. Reservations may be made by email at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

“Treasure Island” Cast List:
Jimmie Sanders as Black Dog; Lucas Rolf as Billy Bones and Abraham Gray;  Brandon McCormick as Young Jim Hawkins/ Master Jim Hawkins-Gunn; Grace Marie Hignight as Mistress Kate Hawkins-Gunn; Ella Doss as Young Silver Britannia Hawkins-Gunn; Robyn R. Huizinga as Narrator; Annabel Doss as Kate Livesey; Jaylen Nelms as Pirate Shelley; Mason Flick as Pirate Razzel; Jenifer Lester as Pirate Weazel; Emelie DeKnight as Pirate Ben and Murry; Jaden Kent as Pirate Harry; Niah Hickson as Pirate O’Brien; Kathleen Hays as Blind Pew and Tom Morgan; Bodee Robinson as Tom Redruth; Eric Turner as Squire Trelawney; Jenay Oldfield as Joyce; Will Walker as Dr. Livesey; Adam Doss as Long John Silver; Angel Wheat as Job Anderson and Shanty Musician (guitar); Lisa Martin as Captain Smollett; Molly Law as Mr. Arrow; Hannah England as Hobbs and Shanty Musician (rhythm); Amber Nelms as Israel Hands; Quinton “Q” Williams as Stepps; Sydnee Hawkins as Brit Gunn; Hunter Rogers as George Merry; Dr. Pamela Anglin as Captain Flint; Dr. Ken Haley as Shanty Musician; Ingeborg Hodge as Shanty Musician (vocalist); Carlton Bell as Parrot (called Cap’n Flint); and Understudy/Swing Kaleb Speakman.

“Treasure Island” Crew List: Director Robyn R. Huizinga; Combat Designer Orion Couling; Combat Director Will Walker; Combat Captain Amber Nelms; Stage Manager Grace Marie Hignight; Assistant Stage Manager and Set Director Lucas Rolf; Set Change Captain Hunter Rogers; Props Mistress Molly Law; Prop Specialties Adam Doss; Costume Coordinators William L. Walker and Grace Marie Hignight; Scenic Design: William L. Walker and Robyn R. Huizinga; Scenic Artist Andrea Doss; Lighting Design: Hannah England, William L. Walker, and Robyn R. Huizinga; Lighting Crew: Chaston Tomlin, Lucas Rolf, Hunter Rogers, Hannah England, and Kaleb Speakman; Light Board Operator Kaleb Speakman; Spotlight Operator Alexzander Sinclair; Sound Board Operator Udanti Rendsland; House Crew: Jalen Easter, Cameron Faires, and Kain Sterling; and Department of Drama work study student Arielle Finch.

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