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TSI Assessment (Texas Success Initiative)

Published or Revised March 21, 2017

The TSI Assessment is the state-mandated placement test that Texas public institutions must use to determine a student’s readiness for college-level courses.  The results of this assessment will assist advisors in scheduling students in the courses they will be most successful.  Students who meet the minimum passing standards for TSI Assessment in all subject areas are deemed to have met the requirements of the Texas Success Initiative. 

Do I need to take the TSI?

You may be exempt or waived if you:

Contact an advisor at PJC to find out for sure. Most students will need to take the TSI Assessment Test before being allowed to sign up for classes.

Before taking the TSI Assessment, I need to…

Before taking the TSI Assessment for the first time, students are required to complete a pre-assessment activity.  The pre-assessment activity (video below) will discuss the content and importance of the TSI Assessment.  Students should also view the sample questions before testing.  After watching the video and viewing the sample questions, students must take the Pre-Assessment Activity Quiz for their location, listed below.  The results of this quiz will be submitted directly to the PJC Testing Center.  Once the PJC Testing Center receives a student’s quiz results, the student will be cleared to take the TSI Assessment. 

Select your Pre-Assessment Quiz

Sample Questions

TSI Math Test Preparation

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