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About DragonMail

Published or Revised September 12, 2013

All Paris Junior College students have a dedicated email address that serves as a primary method of contact between students and various PJC administrative offices. All PJC students are encouraged to log into their new email account as soon as possible to activate it.

Students' email addresses are in the form of:

username @ (No Spaces)

Your username is your first initial, last name, and the first four digits of your PJC student ID number. For example, student "John Doe" with a student ID number of "123006789" would have the username of "jdoe1230" on the system.

Password for New Students Who Started PJC On or After Fall 2013 Semester

Your initial password is your birth date in a format that is case sensitive. For example, Feb. 4, 1989, would be 4-Feb-89. The month will be the first three letters of the month with the first letter capitalized. So September would be Sep and March would be Mar. Do not use a period.

Password for Students Who Started Before Fall 2013 Semester

Your initial password is your birth date. For example, Feb. 4, 1989, would be 02041989. If the system rejects a date with a leading zero, try it without the zero: 2041989.

DragonMail is hosted by Microsoft Office365. Students should log in at the link above and follow the setup instructions in order to activate the new account. Note that your full PJC email address is your Windows Live ID.

If you require assistance with your new email account, contact the Help Desk at 903-782-0496, .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

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