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The Distance Learning FAQ

Published or Revised July 14, 2017

Here you will find answers to questions we often get concerning distance education courses. If you do not find your answer here, you can also e-mail .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address), PJC's Distance Learning coordinator.

What is an Internet course?
An Internet course is a course which is delivered by means of the Internet. We use Blackboard to deliver our courses. This usually means that the student will not attend class for instruction, although some Internet classes do have orientation sessions at the campus.
Is there an additional fee for Internet courses?
Yes, we currently have a $30 per course fee for Internet delivery. This helps to pay for the delivery system software.
How is a hybrid course different?
A hybrid course will be a combination of traditional instruction in the classroom and Internet delivery. This option is best for courses which require some active performance aspect, such as a speech class. The number of meetings on campus can vary, but in general instruction tends to be about half in the classroom and half by the Internet.
When will I be able to access my online course?
Our online courses follow the same schedule as the traditional courses, so they will not be available until the first class day of each semester. If you cannot log in on the first day of class, call the hotline or the distance learning office.
How do I get started?
Most courses will provide an orientation either in person or by mail. All students should contact the instructor of the course right away if there are any problems getting started. E-mail addresses of instructors are provided in the printed schedule. Students may also call the distance learning office or our hotline.
Will I still need books?
Yes, the courses will still require textbooks.
How can I register?
Registration for distance education courses is the same as for all other courses at the college. Most returning students can register online. New students must make application to the college. .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) in the PJC Admissions Office.
Will I be able to get some technical support for the course?
Yes. We have several people with our technical support staff who can help you if you.
How can I find which classes are offered?
The distance education classes are listed under the subject areas and noted with "Internet." See the online class schedule for current offerings.
Will the class teach me how to use a computer?
No. The online classes teach the subject matter content. You should already be familiar with a computer before enrolling in an online course.
Do I need my own computer and internet service?
Yes. While it is possible to work on an online course from any computer with an internet connection, we have seen that it is very difficult to complete the course if the student does not have easy access at home. You really need your own computer with internet access.
Will I have to visit the campus?
This will depend on the course, but most courses will require campus visits for testing. Some may require a visit for orientation as the course begins. You will need to check with the instructor for the course.
Will I have to travel to Paris to take exams?
Usually not. Most exams can be taken at Greenville or Sulphur Springs as well as in Paris. We can also have exams administered at other colleges if needed. Check with the instructor if you have special concerns.
Will the course cover the same material as a course in the traditional classroom?
Yes. The course should cover essentially the same material whether it is offered in the classroom, online or ITV.
What is ITV?
Interactive Television. We broadcast some classes to other locations. Students are able to ask questions through the interactive television connection.
Should I contact the instructor or wait to be contacted?
Always go ahead and contact the instructor. You can do this by e-mail, by phone or with an office visit. Contact information is listed on this site.
Will all online classes at PJC use Blackboard?
No. Most will, but the instructor has the option of using other platforms to deliver courses. If this might be a problem, contact the instructor to check.
What is Blackboard?
Blackboard is a delivery platform that allows us a way to present class content. It is a template that can be filled in with presentation materials. It provides features like chat and discussion for interaction. It has nothing to do with the actual content of the course.
What is MyPJC?
MyPJC will provide online access to student grades when it goes live in August 2017, and it will also provide online registration for returning students.
Can I see how to access Blackboard?
Yes, click here to view a video providing a demonstration on using Blackboard.
Is an online course easier than a traditional class?
No. In fact, the reverse is more likely true. While we do try and provide student/teacher interaction in the courses, you still may find that you have to do a bit more work on your own.
What is dual credit?
Qualified students in high schools may now take courses that give them credit for both the high school and college courses at the same time. The student will still need to register at the college each semester.
What is VCT?
Virtual College of Texas. This is a consortium of colleges in Texas offering courses both online and ITV. A student might register at PJC but take an online course from Tyler. The student is still considered to be a PJC student.
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