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Amy Lewis-Bradfield wins Owens scholarship

Published or Revised April 10, 2008

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Awards and scholarships were presented at the 32nd annual Creative Writing and Art Awards ceremonies held recently at Paris Junior College. The awards were begun in 1976 to encourage and recognize student writing and later broadened to include art.

Program speaker was Cathie Tyler, Fine Arts chairperson. In her “Spirit of Place” presentation Tyler said, “I find meaning in life in my work through nature.” Tyler presented a slide show of her paintings and drawings to represent how nature inspires each of her works and involves all of the senses. She said it was not just seeing landscapes but fully experiencing them.

Highlighting the event was the presentation of the William A. Owens Scholarship for creative writing to Amy Lewis-Bradfield of Greenville.

Courtney Barham of Paris was named Outstanding Journalism Student.

Renee Mayfield of Sulphur Springs received the award for Outstanding Student in Foreign Language.

Maribel Sanchez of Sulphur Springs was named Outstanding Student in English as a Second Language. This award is given to a student who gains an exemplary understanding and use of the English language.

The Outstanding Student in English award went to Eva Dickey of Paris.

Brendan Turner, an international student from Botswana, was named the Outstanding Visual Arts Freshman student. Cymantha Cox of Paris received recognition as Outstanding Visual Arts Sophomore student.

“Swingers of Birches,” an anthology of the prize-winning entries published annually by the Communications and Fine Arts Divisions and produced by the PJC Print Shop, was distributed at the reception following the awards ceremony. To receive a copy, contact the English Department.

An exhibit of winning arts works is on display in the foyer gallery of the Art Building located in Annex No. 3 on the college campus through the end of April. Viewing hours are Monday through Thursday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Friday, 8 a.m. to noon.

Winners by category include:

Argumentative and informative essay: 1st place, John Metzger, Lone Oak, “The Jericho Effect”; 2nd place, Amy Lewis-Bradfield, “Diaper Doodee”; 3rd place, Colton Lee, Paris, “Does Metal Harm Our Youth?”; 4th place, Clifford McCormick, Paris, “Sex Ed is a Necessity”. Honorable mention: Elizabeth K. Ogilvie, Paris, ““Jewelry Industry: Dealing With Conflict Diamonds”; Jatarious Frazier, Paris, “Water Pollution, Acid Rain and the Environment”.

Narrative essay: 1st place, Courtney McNeal, Brookston, “A Resonating Silence”; 2nd place, Robin Wheat, “Loving the Right Man”; 3rd place, Sheena Peppler, “Death and I”; 4th place, Kody L. Salyer, Sulphur Springs, “Hold On Like Hell to the Ones You Love”. Honorable mention: Rhonda Bates-Thomas, “God’s Blessings”; Colton Reavis, Paris, “The Hill”.

Poetry: 1st place, Cristianne Miller, Arlington, “Plea to the Light”; 2nd place, James Millikan, Paris, “Big Ideas (Don’t Get Any)”; 3rd place, Eva Dickey, “There Are Daggers In Men’s Smiles”; 4th place, Ali Ryan, Paris, “The Nightmare” and “The Dream”. Honorable mention: Sheena Peppler, Paris, “Rebirth From 9/11”; Rebekah Cutrell, “I Am”.

Regional literature: 1st place, Rhonda Bates-Thomas, “The Master’s Hand”; 2nd place, Catherine Lewis, Paris, “Carolina Waves”.

Research essay with documentation: 1st place, Cecelia A. Cobb, Paris, “Flanary O’Connor’s ‘Revelation’: an Exploration”; 2nd place Jordan Thomas, Paris, “Emily Dickinson: Brilliant Loner or Passive Activist?”; 3rd place, Eva Dickey, “A Reason for Suicide”. Honorable mention: Robin Wheat, Cumby, “How Media Is Killing Our Society”; Jed Allen, Greenville, “National ID Cards”.

Short story: 1st place, Tanner Martin, Paris, “Child’s Play”; 2nd place, Macy Allen, Paris, “The Sacrificial Lamb”; 3rd place, Grant Taylor, Paris, “Battle of the Bands”; 4th place, Rhonda Bates-Thomas, Hugo, Okla, “Education Undefined”. Honorable mention: Keith Temporal, Paris, “Reappearing Ink”; Rebekah Cutrell, Paris, “The Loss of Reverence”.

Painting: 1st place, Greg Gilbreath, Paris, “Imaginary Self-portrait”, Oil on canvas; 2nd place, Marsha Russell, Paris, “Imaginary Self-portrait”, Oil on canvas; 3rd place, Samantha Dye, Broken Bow, Okla, “Light Study”, Oil on canvas board, Honorable Mention, Laurie Edwards, Honey Grove, “Imaginary Self-portrait”, Oil on canvas.

Drawing: 1st place, Brendan Turner, “Figure Study”, Graphite; 2nd place Cymantha Cox, Paris, “Figure Study”, Charcoal; 3rd place, Samuel England, Greenville, “Drapery Study”, Charcoal. Honorable mention, Gove Dee Slate, Paris, “Contour Line”, Felt marker; Brendan Turner, “Figure Study”, Charcoal; Brendan Turner, “Still Life”, Charcoal; Kate Gunn, Blossom, “Fabric”, Graphite.

Photography (Introductory): 1st place, Cymantha Cox, “Selective Focus,” Color photography; 2nd place, Toby Crumpler, Paris, “Rule of Thirds,” Color photography; 3rd place, Andy Trapp, Paris, “Posterization,” Color photography. Honorable mention: Drew Temple, Paris, “Top Motion,” Color photography; Jessica Guest, Paris, “Environmental Portrait,” Color photography; Lawrence Love, Paris, “Night Light,” Color photography.

Photography (Advanced): 1st place, Jack Harrington, “Eggs,” Digital photography; 2nd place, Dave Carpenter, Paris, “Snow White,” Digital photography; 3rd place, Ginger Cook, Paris, “Still Life,” Color photography; Honorable Mention: Janie Scott, “Frozen Berries,” Digital photography; Beverleigh Carpenter, Paris, “Angel,” Digital photography.

3-D Design: 1st place, Alex Greenberg, Roxton, “Line, Plane, Form” Cardboard and paint; 2nd place, Ashley Russell, Paris, “Imaginary Self-portrait”, Wire; 3rd place, Brendan Turner, “Line, Plane, Form”, Cardboard and paint. Honorable mention, Ashley Russell, “Line, Plane, Form”, Cardboard and paint; Brendan Turner, “Imaginary Self- portrait”, Wire.

2-Design: 1st Greg Gilbreath, Paris, Digital collage; 2nd place, Greg Gilbreath, Digital collage; 3rd place, Marsha Russell, Digital painting. Honorable mention: Mark Schepis, Paris, Digital collage; Robert Lairson, Digital painting; Marsha Russell, Digital painting; Dillon Dingman, Paris, Design, felt and drawing pens.

Ceramics: 1st place, Richard Ford, Arthur City, “Horse Hair Pheasant Feather Cylinder,” Stoneware, Raku-fired; 2nd place, Kris Jones, Paris, “Egg,” Stoneware, Raku-fired; 3rd place, Kris Jones, “Rice Bowl,” Porcelain. Honorable mention, David Mead, Whitewright, “Decorative Plate,” Stoneware, High-fired; David Mead, “Horse Hair Pots,” Stoneware, Raku-fired.

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