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Lamar County votes to Annex

Published or Revised November 09, 2016

Lamar County voters chose to join the Paris Junior College taxing district on Tuesday, Nov. 8.

“Our students, faculty and staff tremendously appreciate the support of the Lamar County voters,” said Dr. Pam Anglin, Paris Junior College President. “Passage of annexation in Lamar County will allow us to continue being a leader in workforce education, providing critical training to our industry partners and preparing students for their next step, whether it is transferring to a four-year university or entering the workforce. The support of Lamar County voters shows they grasp the vital role that Paris Junior College plays in the economic vitality of our region.”

Voters in Delta, Fannin, Hopkins, Hunt and Red River counties voted against annexation. Dr. Anglin said ongoing communication with people living in PJC’s service district is important, as she discussed the college’s plans following a mixed outcome.

“We appreciate those demonstrating support,” said Dr. Anglin. “The voters spoke, and we respect their opinions. We’re going to continue to reach out. PJC held a large number of meetings with community and church groups, and that dialogue is important.”

The results by county were:

Delta: For 664 (32.92%), Against 1,353 (67.08%)
Fannin: For 583 (42.25%), Against 797 (57.75%)
Hopkins: For 3,126 (30.38%), Against 7,164 (69.62%)
Hunt: For 11,194 (40.8%) vs. Against 16,275 (59.2%)
Lamar: For 5,491 (54.54%), Against 4,576 (45.46%)
Red River: For 1,739 (45.33%) vs. Against 2,097 (54.67%)

“If our region of Texas, our state, and our nation are to remain competitive in this global economy, workforce training is the key and that is a critical part of what PJC delivers to this region,” said Dr. Anglin.

State reports consistently show that PJC is one of the most efficient higher education institutions in Texas.

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