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PJC honors three retirees

Published or Revised March 10, 2017

PJC retirees

Shown from left are recently retired Paris Junior College employees Richard Adams, Rita Tapp, and Jan Jordan. Collectively they represent 98 years PJC experience.

Three long-time employees of Paris Junior College were recently recognized as they entered into retirement. Honored at a reception were Campus Police Officer Richard Adams, Registrar Rita Tapp, and Office Technology Instructor Jan Jordan.

Adams was with the PJC Campus Police Department for 19 years, though he has been a first responder for a total of 31 years. He started with the Paris Police Department.

“We’ve been very fortunate to have him on campus working with our students and keeping us safe for 19 years,” said Dr. Anglin.

“I’ve enjoyed working here, enjoyed all the people and I’ll miss everybody,” said Adams.

Next to be recognized was Tapp, who was with PJC for 36 years.

“She came to us in 1980, and I’m not sure how many have been as Registrar,” said Dr. Anglin, “I’m very thankful for the job Rita does. I always know we can trust whatever numbers she gives us or the records that she brings forward. Graduations always go off without a hitch because of Rita Tapp.”

PJC is in the middle of putting in a new enterprise resource planning system, updating all of PJC’s computer systems. Dr. Anglin said it is an immense amount of work and that Tapp will return as part-time project manager through August to oversee implementation of the project.

“I’ve appreciated working at PJC,” said Tapp. “I’ve had three different jobs and lots of different responsibilities. I love the people. I don’t know how to not come to work so it’s going to be a real challenge for me.”

To great laughter, a PJC retiree in the audience said, “you’ll learn.”

Jan Jordan received her award next; she has been with PJC for 43 years.

“The number of students Jan has taught and changed their lives,” said Anglin, “and made a difference over these 43 years is way, way up in the thousands. I’ve seen first-hand how she goes the extra mile for every student that she works with to make sure they succeed and helps them overcome the obstacles and challenges.”

“If you work somewhere for 43 years and don’t find a reason to leave,” said Jordan, “it’s a great place to work. The people I’ve worked with have been wonderful and we’re like a big family here. I’m like Rita, I don’t know what I’m going to do because I’ve been coming here for 43 years and it’s just like my second home. I love all of you and appreciate the time here.”

Co-workers, family and friends joined the retirees afterwords for cake and punch.

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