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PJC watchmaking student receives scholarship

Published or Revised August 14, 2014

watchmaking scholarship photo

Paris Junior College student Angelica Guevara of Laredo, Texas, is shown with PJC horology instructor Frank Poye. Guevarra is studying watchmaking at PJC’s Texas Institute of Jewelry Technology and recently received a scholarship to assist her studies.

A charitable trust and foundation combined efforts to award a scholarship in horology to Paris Junior College student Angelica Guevara, of Laredo. Horology is the art of watchmaking, one of several programs taught through PJC’s Texas Institute of Jewelry Technology.

“I believe Angelica was one of seven students who received the award nationally,” said PJC horology instructor Frank Poye.

The funds came from a donation by the Harold J. and Marie Borneman Greenwood Memorial Fund of the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation of $7,500 to the American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute ELM Charitable Trust.

Recipients must be students studying watchmaking and watch repair. PJC belongs to the Research and Education Council of the AW-CI. Each year fund trustees award an equal share of available funds to students at REC member schools. Students must receive a recommendation from watchmaking faculty to be eligible.

ELM stands for Education in watch and clock repair, Library funding to lend horological texts and publish horological books, and Museum funding to preserve unique timepieces and tools for study, research and local viewing. The Institute is located in Harrison, Ohio.

For more information on PJC’s Texas Institute of Jewelry Technology, call 903-782-0380.

“Not bad!” said Poye of the scholarship. “We are pleased on her behalf.”

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