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“The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe” opens Thursday at PJC

Published or Revised April 05, 2017

The Lion The Witch

Top: in this scene the Pevensie siblings (minus Edmund, who has slipped away), are entertained by Mr. and Mrs. Beaver in their lodge. In back, presenting the beaver lodge’s sticks are, from left, Antavius Draughan, Ethan Brown, Madison “Sam” Farris, Caleb Curtis, Saveuyon Brown, and Danbri Erwin. In front are Mabry Spinks as young Lucy, Jonathan Robinson as Mr. Beaver, Jona Simmons as young Peter, Lisa Martin as Mrs. Beaver, and Diana Godsell as young Susan. Bottom: the White Witch, played by Heather T. Collins, makes an entrance surrounded by a few of her minions - from left are lead dwarf Ivan played by Candace Weist, fifth dwarf Brute played by Nathaniel Spinks, and seventh dwarf Baab played by Morgan Pullins.

Magic springs to life on stage this week at Paris Junior College with the opening Thursday evening of “The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe” at 7:30 p.m. in the Ray E. Karrer Theater. Evening showings continue Friday and Saturday and a 2:30 p.m. matinee showing will be held on Sunday.

“The production has been a joy to work on,” said director and PJC drama instructor Robyn R. Huizinga. “It’s not often that a theatre artist gets an opportunity to bring the world of a favorite book from her childhood to life. Audiences can expect a storybook feel, an unusual set puppeteered by the cast, some humor, and some exciting action sequences. We hope to see kids and kids at heart coming out to travel through the wardrobe with us!”

The play brings to life the beloved story of four children who travel through a wardrobe to the land of Narnia and learn of their destiny to free that land, guided by the mystical lion, Aslan. Based on the fantasy novel by British writer and Christian theologian C.S. Lewis, “The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe” features not only PJC students but many children and adult members of the community.

Tickets are $15 for adults, $10 for senior citizens, and free to those with a current PJC student ID. For more information or to make reservations, contact .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or 903-782-0488.

Cast includes: Mrs. MacReady, Donna Massoud; Professor, Carlton Bell; Aslan, The Great Lion, Eric Shelton and Alex Greer; Young Susan, Diana Godsell; Young Peter, Jona Simmons; Young Lucy, Mabry Renee Spinks; Young Edmund, Connor Rogers; Mr. Tumnus, Mat Bradley; Mr. Beaver, Jonathan Robinson; Mrs. Beaver, Lisa Martin; Father Christmas, Will Walker; Father Christmas Understudy, Dakota Caraway; Alyona, an Elf, Kayleigh Cross; Sparkle, A Unicorn of the Clan Glitterhorn, Misty Spinks; Jeff, A Lion, Jacob Smith; Robin, Gabriel Spinks; Dippie, An Elf, Saveuyon Brown; Noctis, A Good Dwarf, Eden Resendiz; Feroz, A Cheetah, Antavius Draughn; The White Stag, Eden Godwin; Queen Lucy, Kaleigh Cross; Queen Susan, Danbri Erwin; King Edmund, Ethan Brown; King Peter, Dakota Caraway; Jadis, The White Witch, Heather T. Collins.
Dwarves: Ivan, The Lead Dwarf, Candace G. Weist; Doris (2nd Dwarf), Aeryn Mast; Beetle (3rd Dwarf), William Wohlford; Scarilina (4th Dwarf), Anna Jae Wood; Dorri (4th Dwarf 4/07), Brenna Mills; Brute (5th Dwarf), Nathaniel Spinks; Eevor (6th Dwarf), Chloe Easton; and Baab (7th Dwarf), Morgan Renee.
Mice: Tayler Kruse, Brookelee Mills, Madison Fox, Hanna Fox, Addison Russell, Aliyah Handley, Aeryn Mast, William Wohlford, Anna Jae Wood, Brenna Mills, and Chloe Easton;
Wolf Pack: Maugrim, Adrian Hobbs; Wolfgang Amadeus - The 2nd Wolf, Crystal Lanece Finney; Fang, Sydnie Dockery; Mangy, Justin Gallant; and Dogmeat, Caleb Curtis. Creatures: Snapjaw, A Creature, Gary Dodd; Crookbeak, Another Creature, Caleb Curtis; Clawfoot, Another Creature, Madison “Sam” Farris; and additional creatures: Danbri Erwin, Kayleigh Cross, Donna Massoud, Ethan Brown, and Carlton Bell.
Dancers: Danbri Erwin, Kayleigh Cross, Madison “Sam” Farris, Morgan Renee, Antavius Draughn, Saveuyon Brown, Eden Godwin, and Carlton Bell. Scenic Puppeteers: Gary Dodd, Danbri Erwin, Antavius Draughn, Caleb Curtis, Eden Resendiz, Ethan Brown, Eden Godwin, Misty Spinks, Donna Massoud, Justin Gallant, Sydnie Dockery, Anna Jae Wood, Brenna Mills, Brookelee Mills, Aeryn Mast, Madison “Sam” Farris, and Saveuyon Brown. The True Heroes of Narnia: Randy Cornelius, Melissa Fox, Kacy Mills, Keith Mills, Jennifer Dee Lester, Caira Maeham, Rachel Wood, Kathy Farris, Misty Spinks, Candace Russel, Tiffany Coulter, and all the parents and families of the fourteen wonderful children in this production!

Crew List: Director and Choreographer Robyn R. Huizinga; Stage Manager Kierra Miller; Costume Designer William L. Walker; Assistant Costume Designer Paula Vaughan; Costumers Heather Collins, Kaye Weist, and Jennifer Dee Lester; Costume Crew Misty Spinks, Candace Weist, Aeryn Mast, Kathy Farris, and Betsy Mills; Set Designers Robyn R. Huizinga and William L. Walker; Set Construction & Painting include Theatre Practicum Classes, Delta Psi Omega members and pledges, Misty Spinks, Mabry Renee Spinks, Nathaniel Spinks, Gabriel Spinks, Tyler Cutbirth, and Sydnie Dockery; Lighting Designer Joshua Maxwell; Lighting Crew Sydnie Dockery, Ethan Brown, and Heather T. Collins; Sound Design Alex Greer; Makeup and Hair Design Danbri Erwin; Makeup and Hair Assistant Saveuyon Brown; Props: Aeryn Mast, Tayler Kruse, Randy Cornelius, Orion Couling, Robyn R. Huizinga, Alex Greer, Kierra Miller, Sydnie Dockery, John Presley Wright, Jona Simmons, William L. Walker, Misty Spinks, Mabry Spinks, and Lisa Martin; Violence Designer Orion Couling; Fight Director William L. Walker; Assistant Fight Director Caleb Curtis; Weapons Masters William L. Walker and Caleb Curtis; Aslan Puppet Design Mindy Maxwell; Light Board Operator Angela Walker; Sound Board Operator Jalen Easter; and Front of House Crew SPCH 1315 Classes.

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