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Programs of Study



Degree Type: AS

Semester Credit Hours: 60

First Semester - 16 SCH

AGRI 1131 - The Agricultural Industry
AGRI 1329 - Principles of Food Science
ENGL 1301 - Composition I
HIST 1301 - United States History I
COSC 1301 - Introduction to Computing
MUSI 1306 - Music Appreciation

Second Semester - 16 SCH

AGRI 1419 - Introductory Animal Science
ENGL 1302 - Composition II
HIST 1302 - United States History II
MATH 1314 - College Algebra
SPCH 1321 - Business & Professional Communication

Third Semester - 13 SCH

AGRI 2317 - Introduction to Agricultural Economics
COMM 1307 - Introduction to Mass Communication
CHEM 1411 - General Chemistry I
GOVT 2305 - Federal Government

Fourth Semester - 15 SCH

AGRI 1407 - Agronomy
BIOL 1406 - Biology for Science Majors I
CHEM 1412 - General Chemistry II
GOVT 2306 - Texas Government

Marketable Skills

  • Critical Thinking/Problem Solving
  • Written/Oral Communication
  • Empirical/Quantitative Reasoning
  • Teamwork/Collaboration  
  • Organization/Time Management
  • Research/Planning

Program Outcomes

  • Differentiate between traditional and alternative agricultural production.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of basic terminology and understanding of major agricultural concepts.
  • Understand general market characteristics, plant propagation techniques, soil survey maps and types/characteristics, and scientific animal production, management, & marketing.

High School Endorsements

Business and Industry

Transfer Path / Requirements

For Texas A&M Commerce

  • A student completing the Paris Junior College curriculum is considered Core complete at Texas A&M Commerce.
  • No more than 60-66 sch from PJC will be applied to a bachelor degree at TAMU-Commerce.  Another 60 or more must be completed at TAMU-C.
  • For the agricultural science major, the student must go on to take another 60 hours, mostly consisting of agricultural science, plant science, and additional life and physical sciences. For the agribusiness major, the student must take an additional 60 hours, mostly consisting of agricultural courses and business courses.

Career Opportunities

Agricultural engineer; Arborist; Agricultural inspector; Horticulturalist; Botanist; Park Ranger; Conservationist; Forest ranger; Soil and plant scientist; Landscaper; Agricultural food scientist; Ranch manager; Agronomist; Wildlife manager.