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Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP)

Published or Revised February 02, 2021

The Retired and Senior Volunteer Program is America's largest network for people age 55 and older contributing their time and experience to important organizations that improve the community.

Since 1971, RSVP has matched the personal interests and skills of seniors with opportunities to help solve significant problems in their communities and meet the needs of their fellow citizens. RSVP volunteers choose how and where they want to serve, from a few to over 40 hours a week in a wide range of community organizations. RSVP has no income eligibility requirements. Volunteers may receive reimbursement of some out-of-pocket expenses. Supplemental insurance coverage is provided while on duty.

To find out more about local volunteer opportunities, contact RSVP Coordinator Kelly Hamill at the Red River Valley RSVP at 903-782-0441, or email her at