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Academic Instruction

Published or Revised July 12, 2023

Academic Instruction oversees those associate degree programs designed to transfer to university. These areas include communications, fine arts, social sciences, natural sciences and mathematics, kinesiology (physical education), and more. Academics also oversees learning skills and teacher education along with library support services for all areas of the College.

The objectives of Academic Instruction include: fostering an appreciation of the creative process; the ability to think critically and to communicate effectively; a desire for lifelong learning; and a strong identification with truth and reason.

Courses offered in Academic Instruction are designed primarily for transfer to a four-year institution. Many courses such as art, music, language, humanities, theater, and a variety of studio classes serve a dual purpose. They are available for students planning to transfer to a university, and are also available to community members wishing to broaden their educational experience and enrich their lives.

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Further information regarding any other aspect of Academic Instruction at Paris Junior College may be obtained by contacting us.

  • Office of:
    Rob Stanley
    Vice President of Academic Instruction
    Phone: 903-782-0338

Students selecting majors within Academic Instruction should consult with a student success coach. During the visit with their student success coach, students will develop a degree plan for their major that sets forth the classes required in the core curriculum as well as suggested specialization courses in their major field of interest. By visiting with their student success coach on a regular basis, students may make sure they are taking courses that apply not only toward Paris Junior College awarded Associate of Arts (AA),Associate of Science (AS), or Associate of Arts in Teaching, but also transfer and apply to their intended baccalaureate degree.

Because most students taking Academic Instruction courses plan to transfer to a university, a goal of the College is to assure the transferability of its courses; however, because of the diversity of the population served by the College, students planning to transfer courses to a university or four-year college should take the responsibility of discussing their plans with a counselor from their university-of-choice as well as a student success coach on campus.

Academic Instruction also provide general education courses for students pursuing technical or workforce training and degrees.

Students planning to continue their education toward a baccalaureate or advanced degree may complete core curriculum courses providing a sound background in the arts and sciences. The 42 hours of core curriculum courses are guaranteed to transfer and replace the first two year core requirements at all state-supported colleges and universities in Texas.

Fast Track / Eight-Week Courses

Eight-Week courses are accelerated courses offered for students needing intensive preparation for college-level coursework. The courses allow students to complete two courses in one semester, complete developmental work and be ready to enter college-level coursework the next semester. See the appropriate class schedule for current offerings.

Learning Skills

Paris Junior College's Learning Skills program offers instruction in reading, math and study skills, as well as tutoring in related areas, to promote student writing.

Students who lack the learning and study skills necessary for college success, or students who may want to enhance the skills they already have, are encouraged to participate in the services offered by the Academic Instruction Department.

Online Courses / ITV Delivery

Paris Junior College offers selected courses online through its Distance Learning program, meaning you may take these classes by submitting your work through the Internet instead of traditional class visits.

Online courses allow you to learn from almost anywhere and at any time, and an increasing number of students are finding online classes easy to work into busy career and family schedules. PJC has an excellent staff of online instructors.

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