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Dual Credit For High School Students

Published or Revised February 13, 2023


Dual credit provides high school students the opportunity to earn both college and high school credit while enrolled in high school. Through educational partnerships, PJC and participating school districts approve students meeting program requirements to enroll in agreed upon courses. Course credit is awarded through the school district for high school academic requirements and through PJC for semester credit hours leading to a postsecondary degree or certificate. Students must meet TSI requirements and have the approval of their high school to participate in dual credit classes.


To enroll in dual credit courses, first-time students must complete the following:

  • Application For Admission and Resident Status Form (One Time Only)
  • Advisement and Enrollment Form (Every Semester)
  • High school transcript (Once Per Year)
  • Counselor Approval Letter (Once Per Semester)
  • Test scores or exemption documentation.
  • Payment
  • Students must have a bacterial meningitis vaccination if the student takes classes on the PJC campus. Documentation of this vaccination is not needed if the courses are taken on the high school campus.

Returning students should bring to registration their high school transcript and a counselor approval letter from their high school.

Exemptions & Test Scores

Students who meet qualifying standards on certain tests, as indicated below, may be exempt from testing. ACT and SAT scores are valid for five years from the date of testing.

  • SAT - a combined score of 1070 with a 500 on the math and/or verbal sections.
  • SAT (taken after March 5, 2016) - 480 EBRW (evidenced based reading and writing) and/or 530 math.
  • ACT (taken before February 15, 2023) - a composite score of 23 with a 19 on the math and/or English sections.
  • ACT (taken on or after February 15, 2023) - a combined score of 40 on the English and Reading (E+R) tests and/or score of 22 on the mathematics test; there is no composite score.
  • STAAR (End of Course) - English III - Level 2 (4000+) and/or Algebra II - Level 2 (4000+).
  • Scores from the previous TSI Assessment taken prior to January 11, 2021:
    • Reading – 351+
    • Writing – 340+ with an essay of 4
    • Math – 350+

TSI Waivers while in High School

  • STAAR Dual Credit Eligibility – EOC English II - Level 2 (4000+) and/or Algebra I - Level 2 (4000+) and passing grade in the Algebra II course.
  • PSAT/NMSQT (administered on or after October 15, 2015) – Score of 460 on the evidence-based reading and writing (EBRW) test and/or a score of 510 on the mathematics test.
  • ACT/ASPIRE – English score of 435 and/or mathematics score of 431.

If not exempt, students must pass the portion of the TSIA2 that correlates with the dual credit class. New TSIA2 Passing Scores:

  • Math
    • Greater than or equal to 950 or
    • Less than 950 and diagnostic level equal to 6
  • English Language Arts & Reading (ELAR)
    • Score of 945 and essay greater than or equal to 5 or
    • Less than 945 and diagnostic level greater than or equal to 5 and essay greater than or equal to 5

Workforce Education CTE Courses High school students enrolled in Level I certificates are not required to meet TSI requirements. They are not exempt from TSI if they take dual credit courses that are not included in the Level I certificate.


Students may purchase the required textbooks from Paris Junior College’s Bookstore on the main campus, at the PJC-Greenville Center, or online.

When to Register

Registration times will be published in official Paris Junior College Class Schedules and discussed with area high schools to accommodate their needs as much as possible.

Need-Based Dual Credit Scholarship Program

Student Eligibility Criteria:

  • Student must submit a Need-Based Dual Credit Scholarship application with supporting documentation each year funds are requested. Application is available from High School Counselor.
  • Student must be a Texas Resident and be attending a participating Texas public high school.
  • High School must provide documentation of Free/Reduced Lunch eligibility from previous/current year.
  • Student must meet testing requirements for enrollment to the course(s) prior to submitting scholarship application. Submit documentation on Scholarship application.
  • Students must have all previous debt to the college paid in full.
  • Returning student must maintain a 2.5 GPA in prior credit coursework.

Awarding Criteria:

  • Funds will be awarded by application receipt date. (Funding subject to current legislative action.)
  • Student’s second semester eligibility will be based on satisfactory completion of maintaining a 2.5 GPA for previous semester.
  • Scholarship funds will be awarded to pay tuition and fees at Paris Junior College for one (1) course for Fall and one (1) course for Spring that is taken on the high school campus.

For more information, contact Rob Stanley, PJC-Sulphur Springs Center, 903.885.1232, or Amie Cato, Administration Building, Room 149, 903.782.0425.