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Published or Revised February 27, 2024

How can I contact PJC?
You can call PJC at 903.785.7661 or email PJC using our convenient "Contact" page. PJC's general postal address is:
Paris Junior College
2400 Clarksville Street
Paris, Texas 75460
What is the deadline for admission?
PJC is an open-door community college and, therefore, has no admission deadline.
Where can I get an application?
Apply to PJC online here. You may also apply online via the Apply Texas Application. Click here to view the ApplyTexas application form. To request an application and New Resident Status Form be mailed to you, email the Admissions and Records Office or call 903.782.0425. Applications and forms also can be picked up in the Admissions Offices on the Paris campus, the PJC - Greenville Center or the PJC - Sulphur Springs Center.
Where do I register?
New students should start in the Admissions Office. Workforce students should see their advisor. Other students should go to the Advising/Counseling office. Students who are TSI-complete can register online after their first semester. Each semester's registration dates for early, online and on-campus registration are announced on this website in advance.
Who can answer other admission/registration questions?
Contact the Admissions Office on the Paris campus at 903.782.0425.
Contact the PJC - Greenville Center at 903.454.9333 or the PJC - Sulphur Springs Center at 903.885.1232.
You may also contact the Admissions Office by email.
Can I register online?
Returning students who have met all TSIA2 requirements, or who are exempt from TSIA2, may register online through MyPJC. Transfer students who have met all TSIA2 requirements and whose documentation is on file in the Admissions Office may register online. These students must contact the Admission Office at 903.782.0425 to be set up before they can register online. New students who are TSIA2-complete and who have established their residency status in the Admissions Office can be cleared for online registration after their first semester.
Can I register without an official transcript?
Students can register for their first semester with an unofficial transcript. The official transcript must be received before the next registration period starts. An official transcript is required from all colleges attended.
Can my advisor still register me?
Workforce students can be registered by their advisor. Other students should see a Student Success Coach in Advising/Counseling or the advisor at their respective location.
Can someone else register for me?
Yes. That person will need to provide your student ID number and your payment.
How can I change my residency?
Contact the Office of Admissions and Student Records.
How can I find out the status of my financial aid?
Students may check the status of their financial aid online by clicking here or they can contact the Financial Aid Office at 903-782-0429 or
How can I get my transcripts from another school?
Contact the school by phone or mail. PJC does not request transcripts from other schools for students. The student must make the request.
How do first-time students register?
First-time students must apply for admission by clicking here.

The Admissions and Records Office will have more details about other documents required. First-time students can register by contacting the Advising/Counseling Office during registration dates. First-time students who are TSIA2-complete and who have established their residency status in the Admissions and Records Office can be cleared for online registration after speaking with an advisor concerning course selection.

First-time students also can register on-campus and during late registration. When registration dates and times are set, they are listed in each schedule of classes and on the PJC website.
How do I get a copy of my PJC transcript?
Paris Junior College provides official transcripts at no charge. Students must use the Transcript Request Form (PDF/8K) for transcripts to be sent to themselves or directly to other institutions.
How do international students get started?
International students must complete all admission requirements in order to obtain an I-20 form to present to the U.S. Embassy or Consulate in their country to request a student visa. Information for international students is available by clicking here.

For more information or to receive an international student admission packet, contact the Advising/Counseling Center:
International Student Admission
Paris Junior College
2400 Clarksville Street
Paris, TX 75460
How do transfer students register?
If transfer students are TSI complete, they can contact the Admissions and Records Office at 903-782-0425 after all documentation is on file in order to be set up to register online. Transfer students also can attend arena registration. When registration dates and times are set, they are listed in each schedule of classes and on the PJC website.
If a student has a degree, are all transcripts required?
Students with a bachelor's or master's degree can submit the transcript from the college where they received their degree. Other transcripts are not required except for prerequisite verification.
Is financial aid available?
Paris Junior College participates in the Federal Pell Grant, Federal SEOG and Federal Work Study programs. In addition to the Federal aid programs, we have numerous state aid programs available, as well as institutional scholarships.
Is on-campus employment available for students?
Paris Junior College does have on-campus and off-campus (non-profit) need-based employment available for students. Limited funds are available. Students must apply for financial aid and indicate that they are interested in student employment. Additionally, some departments may have limited openings for students in various capacities. Check with department administrators for availability.
Is there assistance for military veterans?
Military veterans benefits (GI Bill®) are processed within the veterans education benefits guidelines. Students need to contact the veterans counselor on each campus for more information. GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. governent website at
Must a student be TSIA2-complete to take a mini-term course?
Yes, all sections of TSIA2 must be satisfied to be eligible for a mini-term course.
Must I take or have taken the SAT or ACT?
PJC does not require the SAT or ACT for admission. Students enrolling for classes at PJC must present TSI-approved test scores (TSI Assessment) or proof of exemption before enrolling.
What academic costs can I expect?
Tuition and fees vary depending upon the student being in-district, out-of-district or out-of-state. Total costs vary by the number of semester hours taken. Click here to view the latest tuition schedule. Books and other course materials will have an additional cost. More information about costs can be found in the "Admissions" section of the college catalog.
When can I register?
Once registration dates and times are set, they are listed in the printed schedule of classes and on the PJC website.
When will the schedule be available?
The schedule is made available as soon as complete, both in print and online. The online version reflects any changes made such as dropped or added classes.
Why does a class show under "Course Availability" but isn't available?
Once a class reaches the enrollment limit, it will not show up when a student is in the Add/Drop mode. Most likely the class is full or has been cancelled. The Admissions and Records Office can verify either situation.
Where and how do I pay for classes?
Payment is due at time of registration. Payment can be made at the Business Office in the Administration Building in Paris, or the Business Office at the PJC-Greenville Center or PJC-Sulphur Springs Center. The sooner you sign up, the more options you have. Payments draft automatically from your bank account or credit card. No more worrying about due dates. Also, you may pay for classes with a credit card by calling the Paris Business Office at 903.782.0232. Each office takes cash, check, money order, or credit cards for payment.
Where are PJC catalogs available?
The college catalog is available online by clicking here. Requests for catalogs to be mailed may also be made on the Web site or by calling 903.782.0425. Printed catalogs can also be picked up in the Admission Office on the Paris campus, the Greenville Center or the Sulphur Springs Center.
Where can I obtain academic help?
If you're having academic problems, helps isn't far away. PJC's Advising/Counseling staff offers a number of services for students, including:
  • Personal Counseling
  • Academic Advising
  • Career Counseling
  • Disability Services
  • International Students
  • Transfer Information
  • Records
  • Veterans
How do I apply for graduation?
Complete and submit the Online Request for Graduation form. Log in to MyPJC and go to the student tab. Select "Reports and Forms" link on the left side, then find the link to the graduation application under "Forms." Complete the entire application and click submit. Complete information about the requirements for graduation can be found by clicking here.
How many students attend PJC?
Enrollment at Paris Junior College for the has been as high as 6,214 (in 2010) and averages approximately 5,000. Included in the student population are high school students enrolled in dual-credit courses at PJC. These students represent high schools throughout the PJC service area.
How is PJC accredited?
Paris Junior College is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) to award associate degrees.  Questions about the accreditation of Paris Junior College may be directed in writing to the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges at 1866 Southern Lane, Decatur, GA 30033-4097, by calling (404) 679-4500, or by using information available on SACSCOC’s website ( Some Paris Junior College programs also have other affiliations; click here to see the full list.
Are computers available on campus for student use?
Paris Junior College provides computers with Internet connection in the Mike Rheudasil Learning Center for use by both students and the public. PJC - Greenville Center and PJC - Sulphur Springs Center also have computers for student use. Other computers in campus labs are available for student use when not being used for classroom purposes. Wireless network connections are in the Rheudasil Learning Center, the Math & Science Building, the Administration Building, and the residence halls on the Paris campus.
How do I call campus police?
On Campus, dial: 903-782-0399 or Ext. 1399 on a campus phone. Off Campus, dial: 911. Click here for more information about Paris Junior College's Department of Public Safety.
Is there a map of PJC's main campus?
A map of the main campus in Paris is available in PDF format. Click here to download.
Paris Junior College Fact Book
The Paris Junior College Fact Book provides a wealth of detailed information about PJC's students and faculty, as well as the institution's finances. Download the Paris Junior College Fact Book (PDF format)
What are the school colors?
PJC's school colors are green and gold. How those colors were chosen is lost to history, but it is rumored the decision may have been influenced by one of PJC's early instructors who was a graduate of Baylor University in Waco, which boasts the same colors. For reproduction purposes, PJC official colors correspond to Pantone 123c (gold) and Pantone 2427c (green). Various shades of green and gold are also often used in official PJC publications, both in print and online.
What athletic programs are available?
Paris Junior College boasts six athletic programs:
  • Men's Basketball
  • Women's Basketball
  • Men's Baseball
  • Women's Softball
  • Men's Soccer
  • Women's Soccer
PJC athletic programs have a history of success, including the 2004-2005 NJCAA National Championship in men's basketball. PJC's Dragons golf (discontinued), softball, baseball and basketball teams have made appearances in their respective NJCAA national tournaments, and PJC athletes have gone on to pro sports careers.
What is the cost of admission to home games?
Admission is charged only for home games of the Paris Junior College Dragons basketball teams. Admission is $4 for adults and $3 for high school or other students. PJC students are admitted free. Admission to all other Dragons sporting events is free for everyone.
What is the PJC mascot?
PJC's mascot is a dragon. Its origin is lost to history, but lore has it that members of PJC's early football team desired a name and mascot more ferocious than the "Wildcats" of Paris High School.

Though the name was used earlier, PCJ's student newspaper The Bat reported on Nov. 26, 1925, that the coach and football team, after much prolonged deliberation, agreed upon "Dragons" as the official name for the team.

As for The Bat, the origin of its name is recorded in its Oct. 17, 1925, edition:

"Back in the misty past when our institution was young and was being housed in a dark, out-of-the-way, backdoor part of the high school building, some smart, holier-than-thou person derisively called us the 'Junior College Bats.' At first that rankled, but we did some research and learned the good qualities of bats. They fly like birds, they are furred like the four-footed animals, and in structure they resemble the monkey. They are harmless and regarded with scorn by only the timid. They destroy pests and unpleasant nocturnal insects. They are social by nature and dwell together in peace, harmony, and good will. No bat harms or destroys one of its own. They are extremely versatile - they fly, walk, slide, stand on their own feet or hang by their claws. Last of all, they know how to enjoy life - stay out all night and sleep all day. And so, why shouldn't we call our paper The Bat?"
The Bat has ceased printing.
What student activities are available?
A variety of social, recreational and educational student activities are offered each semester. Events include intramural sports tournaments, field trips, bowling nights, movies, parties, cookouts, casino nights, bingo, poker tournaments and more. Notices of scheduled events are posted around the campus and included in campus calendars.
What volunteer opportunities are available?
Volunteer opportunities are available through various student organizations, including Student Government Association, Phi Theta Kappa, African American Student Union and Delta Psi Omega (drama). Each group has different projects and causes that they support. Examples include the Paris Downtown Food Pantry, Salvation Army, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Boys and Girls Club and Habitat for Humanity. Campus-wide events such as blood drives are held frequently and all students are welcome to join in.
When was PJC founded?
Paris Junior College was established by the Paris Independent School District on June 16, 1924, in response to the community's need for an institution of higher learning. The Board of Education elected B.E. Masters, principal of Paris High School, as dean, and the college opened its downtown campus in the high school building in September 1924 with seven faculty members and 91 students. Later, 39 extension students were added to the roll, for a total of 130 students the first year.
Where is PJC located?
In addition to Paris Junior College's main location in Paris, Texas, there are also the PJC - Sulphur Springs Center and the PJC - Greenville Center.