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Coronavirus and Paris Junior College

Published or Revised May 03, 2022

PJC able to provide $1000/$500 in pandemic aid to Spring 2022 students

Paris Junior College is prepared to help students affected by the pandemic. This spring, all eligible students will receive funds to assist with tuition, fees and other expenses directly related to education. This funding will automatically be awarded to the student’s account after the official reporting day of the spring semester. These funds are part of the federal pandemic relief program and are limited.

You must be enrolled on the official reporting day to be eligible to receive this benefit

Eligible students will receive $1,000 for full-time enrollment (12 or more credit hours on the official reporting day) and part- time students will receive $500 (enrolled 6 to 11 credit hours on the official reporting day). Funds are issued on a first come, first-serve basis until all are exhausted.

Who is Eligible?

Full and part-time students who are registered for the spring 2022 semester as of the official reporting day.  Dual credit students (still in high school) and transient (PJC is not your degree seeking institution) are NOT eligible.

When will the funds be processed?

The funds will be processed no later than March 22, 2022.

How do students qualify?

Register for the Spring 2022 semester at PJC and then complete the online form on how you would like to receive your funds. You may choose to have your funds applied to your balance or refunded to you through your preferred refund choice, which you set up through your MyPJC account. A FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) is NOT required to qualify.

How do students set up how they receive the funds?

Students have a choice to apply the funds directly to the spring semester balance or have the funds go directly to the them. Please use this link to make your choice:

Directions on setting up or changing refund information

Login to your MyPJC portal at Click on the STUDENT tab, then select STUDENT REFUND CHOICE from the left navigation bar and prompts.

This short video explains how to select your refund choice:

Do the funds affect my financial aid?

No, your financial aid is not affected.

Has your FAFSA information changed due to COVID-19?

If you or your family have experienced changes to your financial situation (for instance loss of employment, reduction of employment, extreme medical expenses, separation/divorce, death of a parent or spouse), we may be able to adjust data in your FAFSA to reflect your current situation. Consideration to adjust your FAFSA requires appropriate documentation so fill out the online form at

Or, contact the Financial Aid Office at or 903-782-0429.

Higher Education Emergency Relief Funds (HEERF) Reports (original post 6-12-20; updated April 2, 2022)

PJC HEERF 3-31-22 Quarterly Report
PJC HEERF 12-31-21 Quarterly Report
PJC CARES Act HEERF 12-31-20 Quarterly Report
PJC HEERF 9-30-21 Quarterly Report
PJC CARES Act HEERF 6-30-21 Quarterly Report
PJC CARES Act HEERF 3-31-21 Quarterly Report
PJC CARES Act HEERF 9-30-20 Quarterly Report
PJC HEERF 8-31-20 Report
PJC HEERF 7-31-20 Report
PJC HEERF 6-30-20 Report

Paris Junior College student COVID-19 cases (updated March 17, 2022)

Paris Campus: 72 Paris Campus: 0 Paris Campus: 72
PJC - Greenville Center: 15 PJC - Greenville Center: 0 PJC - Greenville Center: 15
PJC - Sulphur Springs Center: 20 PJC - Sulphur Springs Center: 0 PJC - Sulphur Springs Center: 20
Clinical Site: 1 Clinical Site: 0 Clinical Site: 1

Important Contacts at PJC during the pandemic

While all locations are currently open, these important contact numbers remain to help students.

Admissions / Registrar (applying for admissions / transcripts): 903-782-0425 or; secondary numbers are 903-782-0256, 903-782-0271, or 903-782-0212.

Advising / Counseling (signing up for classes): or your assigned advisor directly.

  • Paris Campus: 903-782-0426; secondary numbers are 903-782-0281, 903-782-0430, 903-782-0432, or 903-782-0434.
  • PJC - Greenville Center: 903-454-9333
  • PJC - Sulphur Springs Center: 903-885-1232

Financial Aid: or 903-782-0429; secondary numbers are 903-782-0371 or 903-782-0368.

Business Office: or 903-782-0232

Testing Center (NOTE: NOT COVID TESTING, THIS IS ACADEMIC TESTING ONLY): To get contact numbers and testing hours available in Paris, Greenville or Sulphur Springs, click here.

IT Help Desk (for assistance with MyPJC and Blackboard): or 903-782-0496

Writing Center:

PJC Faculty/Staff Directory:

PJC Library: (This page also features a virtual reference web chat located on the right side of the page, with the hours it is available.) To access the Library's Off-Campus Databases, go to

PJC - Greenville Center: 903-454-9333

PJC - Sulphur Springs Center: 903-885-1232

PJC Bookstore: visit the campus bookstore website at The Paris campus bookstore is open 9 a.m.-3 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 9 a.m.-1 p.m. on Friday. Students may also call the Paris location at 903-782-0344.

Internet Hot Spots: For assistance accessing the Internet, password enabled wifi hotspots will be available in the parking lots of the following buildings. The password will be provided via DragonMail to each student.

  • PJC - Greenville Center parking lot (best in first row of parking spots)
  • PJC - Sulphur Springs Center parking lot (best in first row of parking spots in north side parking lot)
  • Paris Campus - Math and Science Building parking lot and Library south parking lot

Spectrum is offering free internet service to students in areas that have access to this service. Contact 1-844-488-8395.

To create a PDF - use the free app “Genius Scan”. This app can convert a picture taken on a phone to a PDF and the PDF can be attached to an email.

Paris Junior College is committed to assisting students during this time. Please continue to monitor your DragonMail and watch for Dragon Alerts for more information. (If you have not received Dragon Alerts recently, sign up at

Click for PJC COVID-19 Guidelines for the Spring 2022 Semester

Paris Junior College and public health experts strongly encourage everyone to do their part in keeping the college healthy by doing the following:

  • Get tested regularly.
  • Wear a well-fitted mask.
  • Get fully vaccinated.
  • Get the flu shot.

Quarantine vs. Isolation

  • You quarantine when you might have been exposed to the virus and may or may not have been infected.
  • You isolate when you are sick or when you have been infected with the virus, even if you don’t have symptoms.

Click here to see the full PJC COVID-19 guidelines for the Spring 2022 Semester.


For the latest information about coronavirus, visit the dedicated CDC webpage.

The following resources also are available with information on COVID-19: