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Programs of Study

Health Careers

Associate Degree Nursing (or LVN to ADN Transition)

Degree Type: AAS

Semester Credit Hours: 60

Prerequisites - 24 SCH

VNSG 2410 - Nursing in Health and Illness III
BIOL 1322 - Nutrition & Diet Therapy
BIOL 2401 - Anatomy & Physiology I
BIOL 2402 - Anatomy & Physiology II
PSYC 2301 - General Psychology
PSYC 2314 - Lifespan Growth & Development
ENGL 1301 - Composition I

First Semester - 12 SCH* (Fall)

RNSG 1324 - Concept-Based Transition to Professional Nursing Practice
RNSG 1218 - Transition to Professional Nursing Competencies
RNSG 1226 - Professional Nursing Concepts II
RNSG 2160 - Clinical - Registered Nursing / Registered Nurse
BIOL 2420 - Microbiology for Non-Science Majors

* Upon successful completion of the first semester RNSG courses, four credit hours will be awarded for previous LVN experience.

Second Semester - 13 SCH (Spring)

RNSG 1538 - Health Care Concepts III
RNSG 1237 - Professional Nursing Concepts III
RNSG 2363 - Clinical - Registered Nursing / Registered Nurse
SOCI 1301 - Introduction to Sociology

Third Semester - 12 SCH (Summer Long)

MUSI 1306 - Music Appreciation
RNSG 2539 - Health Care Concepts IV
RNSG 2138 - Professional Nursing Concepts IV
RNSG 2260 - Clinical - Registered Nursing / Registered Nurse

Program Affiliation and Consumer Information

Learn more about this program and outcomes, as well as the individual accrediting body for the program by clicking here.

Marketable Skills

  • Attitude for Success
  • Communication Techniques
  • Service Orientation
  • Active Listening
  • Care Coordination
  • Critical Thinking
  • informatics and Medical Software
  • Leadership / Management Qualities

Program Outcomes

  • Use clinical reasoning and knowledge based on the nursing program of study, evidence-based practice outcomes, and research-based policies and procedures as the basis for decision-making and comprehensive, safe patient-centered care.
  • Demonstrate skills in using patient care technologies and information systems that support safe nursing practice.
  • Promote safety and quality improvement as an advocate and manager of nursing care.
  • Coordinate, collaborate and communicate with diverse patients, families, and the interdisciplinary health care team to plan, deliver, and evaluate care that promotes quality of life.
  • Adhere to standards of practice within legal, ethical, and regulatory frameworks of the professional nurse.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of delegation, management, and leadership skills.
  • Demonstrate behavior that reflects the values and ethics of the nursing profession, including a spirit of inquiry.

Expected Salary

Texas wage data: workers on average earn $75,320; 10% of workers earn $54,800 or less; 10% of workers earn $103,040 or more.

Career Opportunities

Hospitals - Registered Nurse, Emergency Department, Surgery, Oncology, Intensive Care, Labor and Delivery, Case Management, Home Health Agencies, Public Health, Clinics, Schools, Long-Term Care Facilities, Travel-Agency Nursing, Telehealth, Insurance Companies, Industry, Management Positions, Flight Nurse.

High School Endorsements

Public Service

Additional Educational Opportunities

Students may pursue a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN).