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Computer Aided Design (jewelry)

Degree Type: Certificate

Semester Credit Hours: 36

First Semester - 12 SCH

JLRY 1301 - Jewelry Techniques I
JLRY 1302 - Jewelry Techniques II
JLRY 1303 - Jewelry Techniques III
JLRY 1348 - Jewelry Repair/Fabrication I

Second Semester - 12 SCH

JLRY 1309 - Casting I
JLRY 1341 - Stone Setting I
JLRY 1349 - Jewelry Repair/Fabrication II
JLRY 2333 - Casting II

Third Semester - 12 SCH

HRGY 1371 - Introduction to Computer Aided Jewelry Design
HRGY 1372 - Technical Illustration for Jewelry Design
HRGY 1373 - Basic Computer Aided Drafting for Jewelry Design
HRGY 1374 - Solid Modeling Design for Jewelry

Marketable Skills

  • Computer aided design CAD software
  • Data base user interface and query software
  • Analyzing information and evaluating results
  • Handling and Moving Objects

Program Outcomes

  • Demonstrates skills in creating a working foundation in interpreting and creating computer generated designs including skills that apply techniques used in the industry.
  • Demonstrates skills in  use of the scientific empirical approach used in related earth sciences by practical demonstration of optical and comparative relative density testing and interpretation.
  • Demonstrates skills and knowledge of collaborative techniques in managing a complex computer system to demonstrate repeatable measurable outcomes.
  • Demonstrates skills in collaborating ideas to create a workable design that incorporates professional stone setting, casting and bench skills used in the industry.

Expected Salary

Texas wage data: workers on average earn $38,590; 10% of workers earn $23,820 or less; 10% of workers earn $57,500 or more.

Career Opportunities

Retail jewelry sales professional; Jewelry designer; Jewelry store manager; Jewelry lab grader/quality assurance technician; Bench/manufacturing jeweler; Computer aided design in other industry.

High School Endorsements

Business and Industry

Additional Educational Opportunities

Students pursuing a certificate in CAD/CAM may also complete an AAS degree in Jewelry Technology, Horology or other certifications in jewelry, Horology, or Gemology.  Opportunities also include training in the Arts or Sciences as undergraduates or graduate levels.