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Repair Technician (Jewelry)

Degree Type: Certificate

Semester Credit Hours: 33

First Semester - 12 SCH

JLRY 1301 - Jewelry Techniques I
JLRY 1302 - Jewelry Techniques II
JLRY 1303 - Jewelry Techniques III
JLRY 1348 - Jewelry Repair/Fabrication I

Second Semester - 12 SCH

JLRY 1309 - Casting I
JLRY 1341 - Stone Setting I
JLRY 1349 - Jewelry Repair/Fabrication II
JLRY 2333 - Casting II

Third Semester - 9 SCH

JLRY 1342 - Stone Setting II
JLRY 1343 - Stone Setting III
JLRY 1344 - Stone Setting IV

Marketable Skills

  • Create jewelry from gold, silver, platinum
  • Smooth soldered joints and rough spots
  • Customer and Personal Service
  • Jewelry Repair and Fabrication
  • Casting
  • Stone Setting
  • Knowledge of industry tools and equipment

Program Outcomes

  • Demonstrates skills in metal fabrication techniques: layout, sawing, filing, drilling, finishing, polishing, soldering, shaping, forming, doming, wire rolling and drawing.
  • Demonstrates skills in casting techniques: wax carving, injecting, spruing, treeing, investing, and casting centrifugally and by vacuum.
  • Demonstrates skills in jewelry repair: sizing, chain repair, tipping, beading, pronging, and plating.
  • Demonstrates skills in setting such as: single and multiple round and fancy-cut stones into various mountings styles.
  • Demonstrates knowledge of industry practices and ethics.

Expected Salary

Texas wage data: workers on average earn $38,590; 10% of workers earn $23,820 or less; 10% of workers earn $57,500 or more.

Career Opportunities

Retail jewelry sales professional; Jewelry store manager; Bench/manufacturing jeweler; Jewelry designer; Jewelry lab grader/quality assurance technician.

High School Endorsements

Business and Industry

Additional Educational Opportunities

Students may pursue a certificate in Jewelry Technology, and also might be interested in certifications in Gemology and CAD/CAM.