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Paris Junior College Annual Fund

Published or Revised September 27, 2022

The Paris Junior College Annual Fund is comprised of gifts creating a positive impact on PJC today and into the future. Each student enrolling now has big dreams for their future. Your support is needed more than ever before in the history of this institution so we can keep working to help students turn their dreams into reality.

With donations from alumni, former students, friends, businesses, industries and foundations, each gift will be used to support one of three areas of need. Your gift may be designated to unrestricted gifts, scholarships, and the master plan for construction and renovation. Annual gifts are among the most important and valuable to PJC. Those are the gifts that allow PJC to meet new challenges and opportunities and provide an immediate impact on the college.

Through your generosity, PJC positively affects the lives of our students. Your annual gifts enhance the educational experience for students today and tomorrow. While PJC has expanded in recent years, adding new housing for 124 students, the 42,000-square-foot Math and Science Building, a new parking lot and exterior lighting, there are still many unmet needs.

Funding for the college comes from the state, property tax (from Lamar County), and tuition and fees. PJC hopes to be better prepared for an uncertain funding future through gifts in the three areas. Unrestricted gifts allow the college to address many broad needs and are of critical importance because they allow PJC flexibility to meet unanticipated expenses. These gifts can also be used to leverage grants.

At PJC, 83 percent of first-time students receive some type of aid, such as scholarships. With reduced federal funds for grants, more and more students need this assistance.

The college’s long range Master Plan addresses construction and renovation needs for all three PJC locations. PJC requires upgraded facilities and new buildings to keep pace with academic and workforce education demands. Donations may specify use for Paris, Sulphur Springs or Greenville. To learn more about the annual fund or donating to PJC, contact Bayleigh McCoin PJC Director of Institutional Advancement and Alumni Affairs, at 903-782-0276 or

Thank you for helping the PJC students of today and tomorrow!