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Financial Aid: Procedures And Documentation

Published or Revised August 09, 2022

To apply for one or more types of federal financial aid, students must submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (Online Form) and other required documents.

For maximum consideration, students should apply as early as possible. Contact the Financial Aid Office for applications, information and assistance. Students must apply annually on or after February 1 to be considered for financial aid for the next academic year. Caution should be exercised when completing financial aid applications and forms. Students must read and follow all instructions carefully. Applications that are incomplete or that contain errors or false and misleading information will not be processed.

Required Documentation

Students are required to submit written documentation to the Financial Aid Office verifying the information reported on their applications. Types of required documentation include, but are not limited to, institutional verification forms, IRS Tax transcripts, marriage licenses, proof of separation, child support, selective service, and untaxed income. Students reporting no prior year income or exceptionally low incomes may be required to prove how normal living expenses were met. Eligibility cannot be determined until verification is complete.

Transfer Students

All applicants who have attended other colleges and/or universities during the same academic year are required to submit a valid Student Aid Report and add Paris Junior College's school code (003601) to the application. The amount of aid awarded at the other school must be verified before an award can be processed.