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Dragons Hall of Fame

Published or Revised August 19, 2018

H.L. "Hub" Hollis was the Paris Junior College's first athletic director and football coach in 1926. Today his name adorns the H.L. "Hub" Hollis Baseball Field, and he tops the list of coaches named to the Dragons Athletic Hall of Fame. Throughout its history, Paris Junior College has turned out great athletes in all sports. Many went on to university and professional greatness. Others chose to become outstanding coaches, doctors, lawyers and business men and women. The Dragons Athletic Hall of Fame includes many of those who contributed to the success of the PJC athletics. The Hall of Fame, established during Homecoming activities in the fall of 1990, is located in the Harold E. Hunt Physical Education Center and features photographs, certificates and memorabilia of players, teams, coaches and other contributors throughout the history of Paris Junior College. Dragons Athletic Hall of Fame induction ceremonies are held each year during Homecoming activities. Many of the inductees return to PJC to attend ceremonies.

Hall of Fame Coaches

  • H.L. "Hub" Hollis, Football, Athletic Director, 1926
  • J.R. McLemore, Basketball, 1926
  • Bob Berry, Football, Athletic Director, 1928
  • Clemo Clements, Football, Basketball, 1930-40
  • Dixon Hatcher, Football, 1942
  • Claude Gilstrap, Football, 1948
  • Boyd Converse, Basketball, 1958-59
  • James Self, Baseball, 1959
  • Ernest Hawkins, Football, Basketball,
  • Mickey Flippen, Golf, Athletic Director,
  • Jim Campbell, Basketball, Athletic Director,
  • Mike Reinhardt, Basketball, Baseball, Athletic Director
  • Don Wilhelm, Women's Basketball, Athletic Director
  • Larry Click, Baseball

Hall of Fame Teams

  • 1942 Football: A 7-2 record; the first conference title for PJC.
  • 1948 Football: An 8-3 record; the first bowl game, the Oleander Bowl vs. Wharton.
  • 1958-59 Basketball: Regional Tournament champion and 4th in the National Tournament.
  • 1959 Baseball: Won the National Junior College Tournament played in Colorado.
  • 1954 Basketball: Co-champion of Big Six Conference and 3rd in the National Tournament.
  • 1983 Golf: First in the NJCAA Regional Tournament and 3rd in the Natinal Tournament.
  • 1966 Baseball: Region XIV champions and 5th in the NJCAA National Tournament.
  • 1984 Basketball: An 18-8 record and runner-up in the post-season tournament.
  • 1939 Basketball: Holds the PJC defensive record, allowing opponents an average of just 35 points per game.

Hall of Fame Individuals

  • Wayne Annett, Basketball
  • Herman Bailey, Footballl, Basketball, Track
  • Glendal Baker, Baseball
  • Jon Barry, Basketball
  • Paul Briggs, Basketball
  • Ross Brown, Tennis
  • Richard "Stubby" Clapp, Baseball
  • Celester Collier, Basketball
  • Oscar Cripps, Football
  • John Tate Davis, Football
  • Carrol Dawson, Basketball
  • Bobby Jack Floyd, Football
  • Carla Fountain, Basketball
  • Doug Galloway, Baseball
  • Ron Gardenhire, Baseball
  • Bennie Gastmeyer, Track
  • Bruce Gietzen, Baseball
  • Leland Hamman, Golf
  • Kevin Harrison, Golf
  • Darry Henning, Golf
  • Perry Hill, Baseball
  • Stan Hilton, Baseball
  • Gerald Jack, Baseball, Football
  • Cecil "Papa" Johnson, Football
  • Paula Johnson, Basketball
  • Gary Jones, Baseball
  • Winfred Jones, Basketball
  • Ernie McAnally, Baseball
  • Fran McKnight King, Basketball
  • Cary Linck, Golf
  • Mike Long, Basketball
  • Jason Marshall, Baseball
  • F.H. "Bub" McDowell, Football
  • Larry D. McWilliams, Baseball
  • Rodney M. Nobles, Basketball
  • Ron Poe, Football
  • Don Poe, Football
  • Billy Redell, Football
  • Cliff "Slick" Reeves, Football
  • Archie Reynolds, Baseball
  • Marty Scott, Baseball
  • George Stephens, Football
  • Clyde Stone, Football, Basketball
  • Dr. Henry M. Truby, Tennis, Track
  • Luke Walker, Basketball
  • Daon Wall, Football
  • Frank Wear, Golf, Basketball
  • Floyd Weaver, Baseball
  • Freeman West, Basketball
  • Robert G. "Bob" White, Golf
  • Jack Wilson, Football, Basketball, Track

Hall of Fame Contributors

  • William deG Hayden, Team Physician, established McLemore Cup
  • Bill Woodside, Sports Editor, The Paris News
  • Bill Thompson, Sports Editor, The Paris News
  • Ray Sissel, Sports Editor, The Paris News
  • W.N. "Dub" Furey, Sports Editor, The Paris News
  • Fred Nuesch, Sports Editor, The Paris News
  • Louis B. Williams, PJC President (Retired)