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Published or Revised August 02, 2022

On average there are 175 openings a year in PJC’s five-county service area for electricians, a demand projected to continue through 2020. Estimated starting salary for an electrician ranges from $13.33 to $20.54 average hourly rate. Most electricians acquire their skills by completing an apprenticeship program lasting about four years.

About 79 percent of electricians work in the construction industry or are self-employed, but there are opportunities for electricians in other industries. PJC’s training prepares individuals for employment as a licensed electrician in residential, commercial, and industrial fields. Meaningful employment can be found in construction, hospitals, hotels, apartment complexes, and office buildings, as well as in manufacturing plants.

The program provides a solid foundation in basic electrical principles, motors and controls, schematics, and troubleshooting of complex electrical systems. The program also covers commercial and industrial facilities maintenance such as lighting, security systems, fire alarms, elevators, and computerized irrigation systems.

Producing graduates who may start work as an apprentice electrician for residential or industrial applications, PJC developed this program in response to industry demand in the region. One semester provides enough training for a student to begin work as an apprentice residential electrician. The second semester prepares the student to be an apprentice industrial electrician.

The program is 24 semester credit hours (SCH). The first semester covers wiring houses and the power supply coming in, distribution panels, outlets and light fixtures. The second semester includes wiring of commercial buildings and covers commercial supply, feeder boxes, motors and motor controls.

For more information, contact Russell Dieterich, Electronics Instructor, at 903.782.0720 or