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Gifts To Paris Junior College

Published or Revised August 16, 2011

Since 1924, the many students who attended Paris Junior College worked diligently to attain their goals. Today is no different. Then, as now, PJC is the first stop on students' educational journey. Consider helping the students of today and tomorrow by giving a gift where it can meet the greatest need. PJC offers naming capabilities for campus buildings, classrooms or instructional areas. A lasting donation may be made in memory of a loved one or to honor a birthday, anniversary or other significant event. You can recognize a faculty or staff member who made an impact on your life. Donations may be made to the general scholarship fund, or to meet the special needs of a division or department. Underwriting the cost to purchase new equipment and keep PJC current in new technology is always welcome. You may establish a trust, include PJC in your will or estate, or name PJC as one of the beneficiaries of your life insurance. The need for your financial support is greater now than at any time in the history of Paris Junior College. When supporting PJC, you join with others who share their resources for this worthy cause whether it is for scholarship, a building project or where it can meet unmet needs of our growing student population. We would welcome the opportunity to assist you in any way. Please contact the Office of Institutional Advancement/Alumni Affairs, (903) 782-0276 or drop us a note at: