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Microsoft Student Advantage Program

Published or Revised September 15, 2017

Important Note: Prior to Installation of MS Office 365

After you have successfully logged into the website on the computer you wish to load the Microsoft Office software, you must go to the control panel and click "Programs" to uninstall any trial or old copies of Microsoft Office before installing this new version.

Installing Microsoft Office 365 Pro Plus 2016 Student Advantage

  • If you have a six-digit PJC Student ID number, please use the last four digits on the "User Name" as indicted below.
  • If you have a nine-digit PJC Student ID number, please use the first four digits on the "User Name" as indicted below.
User Name: Enter first name initial + lastname + four digits of PJC Student Password: If you haven't used your email before, create a temporary password by entering your birthdate (Example: if your birthdate is July 15, 1959, enter 15-Jul-59. It is case sensitive.) Once you have successfully signed in with your temporary password, you can create a new password by clicking on My Account under your Name on the top right of the screen. If you have used your email before, enter your current password.

Important Instructions

Please follow all screen prompts and instructions to complete the software installation. If you have problems, please let your instructor know so they can be addressed as quickly as possible. Review the screenshots below. Click on "Other Installs," located on the top right of the screen.
Screen capture
Click on "Install," located on the bottom left of the next screen.
Screen capture
You should see a window indicating the next steps for completing the Microsoft Office installation. Please follow the on-screen instructions.